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  1. i like the d-rose signing. low risk, high reward.
  2. small town boy from nova scotia. went out to "supper" with detroit. lolol
  3. Cutler has had some good years but he is not Stafford. Imagine Stafford on NE or PIT or any team with consistent success...Stafford has perhaps the loudest arm in the NFL and the ability to make unbelievable throws and throw out of arm slots that only Aaron Rodgers knows how to do besides Stafford..he's the best QB in team history by leaps and bounds and is wildly talented. He needs a coach and scheme worthy of him. Whether the Lions could build that for him is the crux to this team's success..otherwise they're gonna waste him just like they wasted Johnson and Sanders.
  4. it's night and day from when he was in Detroit defensively. He's a legit 6th man, the type the Pistons need. If they could grab Moose and someone in the backcourt who could stick with these athletic PGs nowadays.. the Pistons could win a playoff series, as long as they miss Boston or Cleveland.
  5. and a 20K game, 2 no hitters in the same season..he's been remarkable since he left here.
  6. I agree with Lee, but world championships are still the barometer and it'd have been nice to win one, especially in 2013. the no hitters being lost pisses me off simply because it feels unfair, haha. But it has been a pretty exceptionally great 10 years for Tigers fans.
  7. for sure, there's not much of a chance they would have gotten more this winter.
  8. Alright, sorry if I came off as condescending with the "business aspect" quote, haha.
  9. I hear ya but those things are ancillary. If you're mad about there being tons of dead money, they're clearly trying to rectify that.
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