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  1. Oh no, something went wrong, you're much too fat and a little too long. <Spirit>
  2. I know he's 33 years old but he's better than anyone we have.
  3. That guy won't last long. His delivery is too herky-jerky and impossible to repeat. 😅
  4. Ruined my late afternoon, that's for sure. Like I said, there's one in every bunch.
  5. Why would he? I don't know. May as well bring up politics. There is such thing as etiquette, you know. 😅😅
  6. In my 40+ years of watching the Lions, they've had 2 decent quarterbacks. Greg Landry and Matthew Stafford. After all the Ram picks turn out to be busts and Matthew wins multiple Super Bowls, we all can say...Same Old Lions.
  7. So much for watching the Luons and recording the Tigers. I guess it's true, there's one in every bunch.
  8. In theory, OK. But....this is the Lions. He could turn out to be a HOF OL and we'll just waste his career by not surrounding him with any talent. Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders say hello and welcome.
  9. I'm glad the NFL went to a 17 game schedule. Extend the agony. Any bets the Lions will be the 1st team to go 0-17?
  10. Did the Lions sign a kicker from the trash heap or doesn't it matter?
  11. Tigers actually have a decent record against the better teams. Or so I heard....
  12. Yeah, it's been fun to see the kids gaining some experience. The BP is still a bit inconsistent but I think most teams can say that. It will be even more fun next season when the innings limit stops. We'll see if they get us a SS in the off-season.
  13. I think many of the sports teams got the J&J shot. Is there any info on the length of immunity with that vaccine? It sounds like there may be some type of quarantine; "Additionally, pitching coach Chris Fetter, quality control coach Josh Paul and bullpen catcher Jeremy Carroll will be out due to contact tracing."
  14. After this Pittsburgh series, the next 11 games are against teams with very good records.
  15. Another HC from a catcher on our roster. Even if he is in LF.
  16. I think I found the stat and I think it says 27 homes from our catchers this season; https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/split.cgi?t=b&team=DET&year=2021
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