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  1. I expect the cases to go up for a bit. All the anti-vaxxers will be spreading it amongst themselves. Nobody will wear a mask if not told they have to. The CDC was using the promise of going without a mask as a carrot to get people vaccinated. They underestimated how many idiots are in our communities.
  2. You missed accessing the internet on our TVs and DVD players. I probably use most of my data streaming a movie or a show to my TV. The cell phone works fine just quickly looking something up on Google or Amazon shopping. But yeah, for heavier browsing, emails and banking, I use a PC. I guess everyone's different.
  3. Going into a baseball season with no shortstop on your roster is like opening a pizza place with no oven. The only difference is consumers are more stubborn eating raw pizza. Tiger fans will pay to see anything, no reason to try and win. Daddy did that and all he got was disappointment.
  4. Another pet peeve. Can Gibson count? We were down 5-1 with a guy on 1st. He said (twice) that we needed one more runner to get the tying run to the plate. I really liked him as a ballplayer but as an announcer, he's a bit irritating.
  5. 0-9 in this series. I guess he was in there for his glove? Where's that puking emoji? 😄😄
  6. Just bring in Jimenez and save Boyd's arm a bit. It's not like our offense can touch a pitcher with about a 7.00 ERA anyway.
  7. Just the way the Tigers planned it. Get the fans all mad at Niko and use it for a distraction at their inept roster creation. Al Avila owns every loss.
  8. That's like getting mad at the sun for setting. Niko isn't an everyday player, especially at SS. Aim the anger at Tiger management for not acquiring a SS in the off-season. What were they thinking?
  9. The team would be easier to sell without Cabrera's overinflated contract. We may have to wait until then.
  10. And we need inning from him today too. Unless we have Jimenez coming in later? If so, we may as well turn it off now.
  11. He's not a starting SS. He's a really good utility player but not a starter, at any position. What were the Tigers plans during last off-season for the most important position on the field? Giving up before the season even started?
  12. Baez is going to be a FA. Maybe it's that time when Avila said we'll spend when we get close? We need defense and hitting, Al. Go shopping....
  13. Goodrum on an error on a routine ground ball and Shep says "that's not like him". Uhhh...yes, it's exactly like him. What team have you been watching, Shep?
  14. But...but...all the money they saved. And cutting the cost of tickets to watch a AAAA team play. Oh wait, they didn't lower prices? Huh, you gotta spend money to make money, Chris.
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