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  1. Nobody will remember Inge as a HOF caliber player though, except maybe Jake.
  2. walking around the concourse I saw some of the memorabilia such as autographed bats, balls, jerseys etc.. Then I saw an autographed jersey of Brandon Inge for $250. I figured at first that was kind of pricey and then next to the Inge jersey was an autographed jersey by Al Kaline for $125 that's right the Inge jersey was twice as expensive as Kaline. Yes I know some people the younger ones wouldn't know who Al Kaline was but that's a terrific bargain for that jersey but an insult at the same time. I am still shaking my head how it could be priced like that.
  3. Why is there a thread trying to get somebody back on this forum when he's not banned or anything? It's his choice if he wants to come back. Nobody has prevented him from returning.
  4. I thought the name of the game was a prediction not accuracy.
  5. You can believe what you want but of course you would be 100% wrong.
  6. He's referring to his experience in running the spread offense not playing college football.
  7. I read an article last week that said he contacted (probably his agent) the Tigers but only wanted to be a starter and not a reliever.
  8. I think there was something to work with in regards to Smoltz. Yes teams pounded him pretty good, 9 walks in 40 innings isn't bad. It's a shame there wasn't a way the Tigers could fit him in.
  9. Does it matter if he helps St Louis win the NL and get to the WS?
  10. There's a reason Forcier has been going against the 1st team defense and Robinson is letting guys like Graham, Martin, Campbell, Herron and Mouton loose to create problems for Forcier.
  11. I will be bothered if Sheridan starts and finishes a game if Forcier and Robinson are available. Otherwise I can't get worked up over a guy who starts a game, doesn't matter who starts the game it matters who finishes it.
  12. Don't the Brewers do something different with tennis balls to help players recognize the color of a circle on a tennis ball which they hope translates into recognizing the pitch that is being thrown?
  13. I am cool, I just don't understand why the post was made by SV. My friend graduated from Human Kinetics (Kinesiology) if you will and is now in med school. You can take any major in the world it's up to you to make something of it.
  14. Was the post by SV made to try and avoid the issue that MSU is rushing a player back on the practice field right after he was released from jail?
  15. That's why the Tigers just need to go on a streak of winning 5 or 6 in a row, maybe winning 8 of 9. A streak like that could really put some distance between them and second place and might get players some rest.
  16. Huff has looked awful at the plate thus far. Yes it's only been two games but it's not like the Tigers can wait to see if he heats up, it's not like he was hitting well before he was acquired.
  17. It's not like they went out and bought a bunch of 35 year old washed up ball players though. Both Texeira and Sabathia are 29, Burnett 32. Yes they might have some questions down the road but are you really questioning whether the Yankees are going to compete a few years down the road?
  18. Oh no what will the Tigers do without Lambert?
  19. Hughes is pulling a Zumaya 06 for the Yanks in the pen right now. Robinson Cano is a very good 2B almost won a batting title in 06. I thought guys like Gardner and Cabrera have done a solid job for them this year as well, not star players by any means but role guys and teams need those. Robertson has also done a very good job in the pen for them.
  20. Well both of those teams have done a very good job of drafting and developing talent. For instance the Angels could possibly win their 3rd straight division title, 5th division title in 6 years. Boston might be headed for their 3rd straight playoff appearance, 1 division title, 1 WS. Yankees have been a model of consistency for many years. If all three of them along the Tigers are good at drafting and developing talent the Tigers need to show more than just 1 playoff appearance and WS appearance in the past 3 years.
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