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  1. How about never? Those words have been uttered too much this year.
  2. Batting averages of Yankees against LHP Jeter .428 Posada .306 Cano .306 Teixeira .301 Damon .290 Unless you absolutely have to I wouldn't want to throw a LHP against the Yankees.
  3. Wasn't it for a 2011 1st round pick and not 2010?
  4. I hope Michigan decides to buy in to the Rodriguez philosophy.
  5. Did he really sucker punch the Boise St kid? The kid smacks Blount on the pads and he turns around and within a couple seconds punches the kid. There's no place for that in sports but the Boise St player should have used better judgment.
  6. Exactly. Craig Roh's father has spoken out, Michael Schofield's father, you mentioned Stokes's father, Carson Butler has spoken out as well, you get the picture but some people here don't.
  7. Don't expect that, Tressel is an adult and understands things that guy Dantonio is a whack job and has a screw loose.
  8. For #5 you bring up the Twins needing other players having to step up and they have. The fact the Twins have gone 10-3 in their last 13 shows that. You already said it yourself in the #11 the Twins have beat up the Tigers pitching this year to a tune of 7 runs per game. They have even shown the ability to knock around Verlander in one of his two outings against the Twins.
  9. Championship because Tyrus mentioned if the team somehow has a magical 09 season and ends up the WS. I think they may hold on but I need to see the Tigers put together a good September being 3-4 games over .500. Tigers just finished off their first winning month of August since 2000 and yes the Tigers have had bad teams many of those years but even bad teams somehow find a way to have a winning month here or there, 2003 excluded of course.
  10. Just wondering how you feel about the Tigers. If I gave you even money on the Tigers or the rest of the field who would you take?
  11. What's your problem with the article? It's not far fetched to say the Twins could overtake the Tigers. The teams are pretty evenly matched, the Twins don't have a pitcher in the class of Verlander but the Tigers don't have a hitter in the class of Mauer and if you think Cabrera is in the class of Mauer that's fine but the Twins still have Morneau and Kubel. What concerns me is what looks to be the biggest advantage for the Tigers over the Twins should be pitching but the Twins have pulverized Tigers pitching this year.
  12. If it means I don't have to see Granderson bat lead off and play against LHP sign me up.
  13. I see nothing entertaining about a journalist trying to use a bunch of 18 year old kids to try and elevate his profile but that's just me.
  14. Twins are flat out rolling right now. This isn't good.
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