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  1. It would be even better to see him get fired during this series. I'm not even upset at the results today because it is totally predictable. How Ausmus doesn't know his team better than I do is shocking.
  2. I was going to say the same thing. I don't get it. What's wrong with at least using Rajai? Two bench players starting two days in a row. I guess the Tigers don't really want to beat KC.
  3. That is exactly what I thought. When I heard Rod it kind of blew my mind. I thought I was listening to the other feed. Then I thought someone was subbing for Mario. It took a couple of innings to realize it was Mario. Very odd.
  4. I've noticed since they have been down in Tampa that Mario's voice sounds different. I don't know if he has a cold or if he is just using a different approach. To me his voice sounds more like a classic announcer voice lately. Has anyone else noticed this, or am I going crazy?
  5. Danny Worth looked better pitching today than Coke has all year. That's sad.
  6. He may need to have surgery. Herniated discs are nothing to mess around with at all. If not treated properly, it could end his career.
  7. Phil Coke is the new Jason Grilli. Maybe if the Tigers release him he will become a good closer for the Pirates in a couple of years.
  8. I'm pretty sure Brandon Inge could pitch better than Coke. Get him out of retirement.
  9. Yes. I hope he is solid. That was the only year like that, but since it was last year it sticks in your craw a little more. There is a lot of talk on the Internets that Papelbon may become a Tiger. His jack-o-lanthern face scares me.
  10. Leyland said that Benoit is going to be the closer for now. He's been pretty good so far this year. My only concern is that Benoit tends to give up a decent amount of home runs... especially for a reliever. Last year his HR/9 was 1.8. That's 14 home runs in relief. Not exactly the kind of thing that is very comforting from a closer.
  11. Starting Don Kelly instead of your hottest hitter is probably a big part of the reason.
  12. If this were the Astros then I think you keep Rick pitching to get the work. Since the Tigers are a playoff caliber team he should be in the pen or in Toledo until he can figure it out. He keeps is pitches up then overcompensates by throwing really low afterwards. He looks lost.
  13. I agree. His numbers were still very good compared to just about everyone else. I was just pointing out that he fell off quite a bit from his production earlier in the season - especially July. The trend was more interesting than the actual crazy good numbers.
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