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  1. Bill was my 4th grade teacher and Little League coach. A true Tigers fan and baseball junkie. If he said it was good, it was good. Kind of God like up here.
  2. Keepleyland2, thank you for all the work you've done this year. Greatly appreciated.
  3. Sad to hear this news. He helped me tremendously when I made my only trip to Lakeland. Another great lost. RIP.
  4. I'm 456 miles from Detroit. I don't get it. I'd be all over it if I could watch the Tigers.
  5. Never mind. Found an area on their site after much digging where I could put my zip code in to see what teams are blacked out. The Tigers are. No games for me this year I guess.
  6. I tried searching but didn't find anything so here are my questions. If you have it, do you get it year round or is just during the regular season? If I got it now, would there be older games on or talk shows or what? I live in the UP of Michigan. Would I get the Tigers games up here? I'm not sure if we're part of the local blackout area or is it just closer to Detroit? I dumped the cable but in doing that, I lose FSN so now I'm trying to see if there are ways to still get the games. Thanks.
  7. Biff-I still keep a copy of this in my favorites to this day. Every 9/11 I read it and post it. It always interests me, in hindsight, to see what has happened since it was written. Still brings chills.
  8. Bruce Springsteen for me. I can't stand his political stance and how he chooses to support it. His music touches a nerve with me in a good way but I can't force myself to spend my money on any of his output. I guess others feel the same way about Nugent too.
  9. If the Cubs are a hard ticket to get, are there any teams in the area that will be a possibility of a walk up to get tickets? I guess I'm just interested in catching a game there. I know there are a lot of teams in the area for sure.
  10. I have the opportunity to go to Phoenix next month and am thinking about catching a game there. I'd like to see the Cubs in Mesa. Anyone been there and have any input on the area, access to the park, etc? Thanks.
  11. Is there a site where one could watch reruns of past ball games? I see some on YouTube. I'm just looking for something to run on the laptop hooked to the tv to watch while on the treadmill. I'd like to get MLB.tv to watch the Tigers if I did drop the cable but I'm not sure if I'd watch it enough to justify it. MLB is the showstopper for me right now.
  12. I try to explain to the folks at work that I don't find Will Ferrell funny and you would think I brought a porcupine in or something. Damn near blasphemy I guess. I put him in my Robin Williams category of seeming to try to hard and driving me away instead of making me watch.
  13. Where do you find the early ones? We watched the series with the Aztecs then started trying to find more but only found a gap from '64 to '67 on Netflix.
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