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  1. I like everything about Patricia so far. Mainly having a GM and a coach on the same page is #1 IMO. He is smart, dedicated, detail oriented, and it seems that all players love him and most of all respect him. I also really like how he is a believer in "position -less football" and fitting players into a scheme with what talents they do have. Seeing what he did with a guy like Van Noy should have everyone excited about his Player Development and ability to see talent in players. I havent been this excited for an offseason in years. They have cap space. Good core of talent to build around, and finally some continuity from top to bottom. Let's goooooo Lions. OnePride.
  2. This made me laugh, thanks. I cannot see how trading away every single player with talent is a good thing, but what do I know? I wouldn't mind seeing Iglesias gone though.
  3. Every move is terrible to people like you. I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore to see negative reaction to a trade, but no matter what move is made, people ***** and moan. Everyone wants to play armchair GM, complain about cap space, draft picks, and how they should be tanking. Is that solution to everything? To tank? They haven't won a playoff game in a decade, but people would rather them lose. All this before the guy has even played a game in Detroit. All the experts on motown already know he will not fit in the offense, he will be disgruntled, bla bla bla. Stfu. Is it a risky move? **** yes. But why not try it? They will never get a guy with his talent in FA, and we have all seen how they draft. They cannot play any worse. The team hasn't been good in a decade. Let's see how it plays out before bitching automatically. It might work.
  4. Speaking of Castellanos, what position will he play if Jeimer is the 3B?
  5. Just be brutally honest, is there any reason to be excited for Spring Training? (Other than the weather changing and the beautiful game of baseball being played). Are there some young guys that could potentially be worth watching or are we in for a looooong 100 loss season?
  6. Year 4 and it is totally SVG's roster and well..they suck. I think he needs to be fired. The team has enough talent to be competitive and they look and play like garbage most nights. I question his coaching. They repeatedly come out flat and fall behind by 15-20 points. Why? Coaching. His draft picks have all been questionable. Why Henry Ellenson? Kennard? Come on. He's built the team around an injury prone point guard who can never play. I cannot see many areas where I'd give SVG credit. They are in the same boat as they were 4 years ago. Outside of the playoffs telling us fans to be patient. Screw him. Time for a change.
  7. Izzo is a poor sport, he is petty and can never give UM credit. I remember him doing an interview when UM made the final four in '13, and he was a giant dick then too. I think his status a great coach is way overblown. He is the bball version of Lloyd Carr. Wins a title early, and some good but not great seasons after. Has his pick of talent usually but continuously chokes. Why msu fans call him 'Mr March' is beyond me. Mr March going to lead you to another epic loss to mid tennessee state? I am so glad Beilein is UM's coach. At times I get frustrated with his recruiting but the guy can develop talent.He is the master of finding guys that can fit into his system. He is the definition of a class act, and you would never see him be disrespectful to another coach, or be rude after a tough loss. If you look at JB's results compared to Izzo's over the past 7-8 years I am sure most fans would be surprised at what they learned.
  8. You can't say franchise QB and Jay Cutler in the same sentence. Come on. Beyond ridiculous.
  9. Like others are saying but worth repeating. I would like a HC: -That can first and most importantly hire a good staff. Coaching in football is so damn important and is the difference between making the playoffs or losing 2-4 close games and staying home. -That is creative schematically and unpredictable. For example. Stafford and Abdullah line up in the pistol, and guess what?? It is a zone stretch play! 3rd and 4? A crossing route to Tate! If I knew what they were going to run, you can be sure that opposing teams did as well. Time for some creative minds. Stafford is top 5. They have a solid WR corps, with an athletic freak in Golladay. Same can be said about the TE group with Ebron. As for the running game, I constantly see it addressed in the offseason with no results. I put it on coaching at this point. I see teams with undrafted linemen and undrafted RB's that have a solid run attack. When coaching lacks creativity and is predictable you see things like a team going 5 fricking years without 100 yards rushing. - That understands game management (when to throw the damn challenge flag for example)- This was constantly an issue with Caldwell and I still am baffled by it. -That plays to win, instead of "not to lose" ( I HATE conservative football) I sound greedy and maybe unreasonable to expect so much but damnit I am sick of watching them lose. I think the Lions have the same, if not better, talent than most of the teams in the Playoffs this year. The difference: Coaching. The right hire can make all the difference. I think Quinn has been a solid GM. He has drafted well. He has resigned key talent. He hasnt overspent on the FA market. My only complaint was keeping Caldwell two years ago. Martha forced Caldwell on him when he was first hired, but keeping him the past 2 is on him. So I am interested to see what he does here.
  10. Not that my opinion matters but I would rather hire a coach with an offensive mind, who can actually out scheme other teams. Maybe that will require hiring someone with no headcoaching experience. But I'd rather take a shot at that, like what the Rams did last offseason, the hire some retread bum like Jeff Fisher or another emotionless robot like Caldwell. As for your list, maybe I am to picky but alot of those guys I wouldnt want. Brian Kelly? He is old, and more importantly he is a dickhead who nobody wants to play for. Would his style work in the NFL? I wouldnt want to be the team to try it. Paul Chryst? More boring than Caldwell. He has run some solid programs but I believe he has benefited from a weak schedule at Wiscy. Also guys coming from college more often than not struggle in the NFL. I know there are exceptions but I dont see it from this guy. Shaw? same as Chryst. I dont know much about Shurmur, other than he previously coached the Browns. He has done well with Minnesota this year. Richard I know nothing about. I would love an offensive minded coach like Mcdaniels. Patricia has the pedigree as well but would need to hire a good staff. Would love Harbaugh too, even though his teams always suck on offense, the guy is a winner. I doubt he would leave though. He loves Baltimore. Sorry this is long. Just curious, could you tell me what you like about Kelly, Chryst, Shaw, and Bevell? Maybe I am missing something. I just think the Lions are close. A good coach can be worth 2-3 more wins, the difference between division titles, home playoff games, etc. I'll give Caldwell credit for helping to change the losing culture but to take the next step they need a better coach. I am interested to see what they do here and interested in all candidates.
  11. So much for that hot start. Yikes. They are a dumpster fire right now.
  12. Compare his numbers before his injury this season to a walking piece of dung like Okorn and you can see why people are overreacting.O'korn singlehandedly lost UM's rivalry games. With the defense they have coming back and pretty much all of the skill position production coming back, it seems like all they need is a solid QB to be a contender, atleast in the conference anyway. You can't have watched losses like the msu and osu game without thinking the results would have been different with an actual QB.They were neck and neck with Wisconsin until Peters got hurt and guesss who came in and the team went downhill. It's just my point of view, but after watching the team this year, I'm beyond excited for next season based on the absolute fact that there is no way Okorn can ever take a snap again. Whoever takes the snaps next season cannot possibly be any worse than Okorn and that is a great reason to optimistic.
  13. I am pretty sure Texas A&M is in the SEC. He cannot transfer to an SEC school or anyone on their schedule in the next two seasons.
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