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  1. Pistons have no choice but to gamble. I hate it - but I can't blame VanGundy. They simply can't either draw a significant FA - or, get into the top-3 draft picks. The hope is maybe they can put something together similar to the 2004 team: pieces that fit, perfectly.
  2. Joke of the NBA. SVG looks like a fool - even though most of this is because of Joe.
  3. Most major sports publication's predictions had the Pistons averaging about 39 wins, this season. That now seems outlandish.
  4. They don't disappear - as much as just not having an offensive go-to guy, in the 4th....
  5. Great. Cespedes killing it, and no one cares cause he's Cuban.....
  6. ^^^ Boy - the things these bloggers write, to get web-hits..... For instance: The Bleacher Report tweeted that the Pistons have an interest in Rondo - only to blog that the only tradable piece they have, is the untouchable Drummond.
  7. Enough. ....I mean, damn: enough, already. Startin to hate Joe as G.M.....
  8. I'm good with losing out on each and every "1st-tier" FA, this Summer.... Let the kids gel, play themselves into a nice 2014 lottery position with better talent available and a ton of cap space. ....This FA class - as did the Draft, stunk.
  9. .....Wouldn't a four-year starter know how to make 6 of 10 passes??....
  10. What frustrates the most is, he's a senior. A 4-year starter....
  11. This isn't all on Hoke and his staff; that defense and some of the offense is just too small.
  12. Gonna be an interesting Big Ten Year, for this defense....seriously: Air Force? At home??
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