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  1. Yeah, he's not hitting for any power yet, but a .295/.428/.393 slash line with a 17.4% walk rate is pretty exciting.
  2. I think the fact the Twins are the only team in history to lose a game when out homering their opponent by 7 makes it that much more pleasant.
  3. Both Mize and Faedo started off at High A, seems likely Madden would as well.
  4. I would assume Madden starts next season at West Michigan and Jobe starts at Lakeland.
  5. The Tigers obviously have RPM data from his workouts that they can trust 100%. If anything you'll be able to trust RPM numbers even more this year than previous years as teams will obviously be cognizant of the fact they need to verify those numbers are without the added grip.
  6. Unless it turns out that he was the BPA.
  7. Also, you can trade prospects in baseball.
  8. So the Royals draft a HS SP under slot instead of Rocker. At least we won't have to worry about him shutting down our lineup in two years.
  9. That wouldnt be a concern. The majority of players in every organization are complete non prospects. So they ABs will be taken from one of those guys, never from a young player who still has promise
  10. Missing the year of development would hurt them, having new draft picks won't. It's not like they're gonna spend any less time having him work with hitting instructors. There are too few prospects in any organization for there to be any type of shortage like that.
  11. That was the case for Rivera. They drafted him knowing he'd sign for way underslot and used that saved money to sign McMillan. That is not the case for Meadows who was drafted in the range he was expected to be.
  12. Correa is absolutely elite when he's actually playing.
  13. Rajai has got to be the worst announcer I've ever heard.
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