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  1. MSU's Cam Gibson waiting on MLB draft to pick his path
  2. Kirk Gibson's kid, Cameron. An MSU grad is the Tigers' pick
  3. Mariano Rivera just got drafted by Washington
  4. yeah, that's the only thing I could think of. Pity.
  5. Senior sign, potential slot $ savings with that pick. Not much upside, but good defensive skills. Not more than a backup.
  6. I seriously saw Donny Everett as a Tigers projection in round 1 on two different mocks. Any idea why he is still on the board?
  7. Drew Smith is the pick - RHP from Texas Baptist. Hard fastball with little movement.
  8. Another Boras guy who's said to have demanded $5M. Not sure if the Tigers could pay him, even if they wanted to.
  9. Wow, Alan Trammell looks like my grandpa...
  10. Funkhouser's a Boras guy. Will DD shy away? Only KC stands in the way, now.
  11. Yep, I'm hoping for Funkhouser, Matuella, Nix, or maybe Nate Kirby. One should be there.
  12. I ended up buying 2 Friday tickets at the BO combined for less than the fees I paid for Thursday. But yes, it's probably my fault they haven't won a single game since I bought them...
  13. Man the end of that game last night sucked ballz...
  14. The Sox logo on that shopping cart just feels right for some reason.
  15. How is this even legal? I just bought 2 tickets for Thursday's game, and had to fork over $22.45 in fees! The seats weren't even that great... 4th row, half-way down the first base line... I mean, I know I'm cheap, but that's just annoying. I'll buy tickets for Friday's game on Thursday night at the box office.
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