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  1. I wouldn't be sad. I wouldn't necessary agree with doing so, but I am going to trust in these guys until they give me reason not to.
  2. Drew Sharp without any talent as a writer. Drew could at least be fun to read at times
  3. Jimmy G isn't THAT much younger than Stafford (Stafford will turn 33 this offseason, Jimmy 30 during the season) and has had more injuries in significantly less playing time. He also has a worse contract. I see no way the lions would take that deal.
  4. 12 years. Hard to believe its been that long.
  5. 80 bowl spots to fill. 71 teams are currently eligible, 74 spots locked up (3 games this week feature 5-6 teams playing each other). Looks like at least a few bowl eligible schools will be left home this year. Bowl Eligible Teams AAC (6): Central Florida, Cincinnati, Houston, Memphis, South Florida, Temple ACC (9): Boston College, Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami, NC State, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Virginia Big 12 (5): Iowa State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, West Virginia Big Ten (7): Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin C-USA (6): Florida International, Louisiana Tech, Marshall, Middle Tennessee, North Texas, UAB Independent (3): Army, BYU, Notre Dame MAC (6): Buffalo, Eastern Michigan, Northern Illinois, Ohio, Toledo, Western Michigan Mountain West (6): Boise State, Fresno State, Hawaii, Nevada, San Diego State, Utah State Pac-12 (7): Arizona State, Cal, Oregon, Stanford, Utah, Washington, Washington State SEC (10): Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi State, Missouri, South Carolina, Texas A&M Sun Belt (6): Appalachian State, Arkansas State, Georgia Southern, Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana Monroe, Troy One Win Away AAC (2): SMU, Tulane SMU can reach six wins with a road win over two-win Tulsa. Tulane hasn’t played in a bowl since 2013 but can become eligible with a home win over Navy. ACC (2): Florida State, Wake Forest Florida State can extend its bowl streak to 37 years by beating rival Florida. FSU hasn’t missed a bowl game since 1981. Wake Forest needs a road win over Duke to be eligible for the third straight season. Big 12 (3): Baylor, Kansas State, TCU, Texas Tech Baylor and Texas Tech play each other with a bowl berth on the line. Kansas State can extend its bowl streak to nine years with a win over Iowa State. TCU needs a home win over Oklahoma State. Big Ten (3): Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Purdue Indiana and Purdue play for the Old Oaken Bucket and bowl eligibility. After Saturday’s OT loss to Ohio State, Maryland needs a road win over Penn State. Minnesota needs a road win over Wisconsin. Conference USA (2): Florida Atlantic, Southern Mississippi Lane Kiffin can bring FAU to another bowl by beating Charlotte at home. Southern Miss, which will not play a 12th game, needs a road win over UTEP. MAC (1): Miami (Ohio) Miami hosts Ball State on Tuesday night. The RedHawks (5-6, 5-2 MAC) are still alive in the MAC East race, too. Mountain West (1): Wyoming Wyoming, which travels to New Mexico on Saturday, has never played in a bowl game three years in a row. Pac-12 (3): Arizona, Colorado, USC Arizona can clinch a bowl with a win over Arizona State in the Territorial Cup. Colorado, losers of six straight, needs a road win over Cal. USC (5-6) hosts No. 3 Notre Dame. The Trojans haven’t had a losing record since 2000. SEC (1): Tennessee, Vanderbilt Vanderbilt hosts rival Tennessee with bowl eligibility on the line. Sun Belt (1): Coastal Carolina This is the first season Coastal Carolina can play in a bowl as an FBS program. It needs a road win over South Alabama to become eligible. In addition, Akron and Virginia Tech are both 2 wins away, but have games scheduled that were cancelled due to weather. They both need 2 wins to become eligible.
  6. This is exactly the reason they should have kicked it. Say they roughly have a 50/50 shot at converting the 2 point conversion. I would say the they still probably only have a 50/50 shot at best of keeping the lions from FG range with that much time and timeouts remaining... If they scored with 10 seconds remaining, I am fine with the decision to go for 2. You either win or lose the game at that moment. That wasn't the case here.
  7. @joshlewinstuff: Hey guys, I understand there's a report out there about my leaving the Mets. Can't tell you details yet because my contract isn't signed yet, but i will indeed announce an exciting new opportunity for me and my family soon. It's all good, I promise. Thanks much ?
  8. Now official: https://www.detroitlions.com/news/lions-acquire-dt-damon-harrison-via-trade-with-new-york-giants
  9. Harrison, that is. This looks to be a great deal. One of the best run stoppers in the NFL, 29 and under contract for a couple more years for a 5th rounder. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/10/24/report-giants-trading-damon-harrison-to-lions/
  10. He also lied in the past about being involved with the nomination of William Pryor to a seat on the appeals court, the Miranda theft of democratic judicial emails, and who can forget the first thing he said upon being nominated, that " No president has ever consulted more widely, or talked with more people from more backgrounds, to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination. ". Sure, the last one might be just buttering up Trump, but taken as a whole, combined with all of the other information we know about him, it certainly leaves the impression that he will just say whatever leaves him in the best light in order to get himself ahead, even if it means lying. Not the ideal nominee to a lifetime appointment.
  11. I don't think partying and getting a DUI is in the same world as sexually assaulting someone, and possibly multiple women. As I said, I don't know if they are true or not. With that said, we should do our best to determine if they are before voting for him to a lifetime seat on the highest court in the land. I don't think that is at all unreasonable.
  12. The other big difference being, if people are not comfortable with Beto's past, he has to face voters every 2-6 years (depending on his position). They can vote him out. Kavanaugh has 1 vote of 100 people for a lifetime appointment. It only makes sense to investigate these claims. Again, Beto has admitted his mistakes and dealt with the issues head on, and was fortunate to have not hurt anyone. Kavanaugh is accused of doing just that. I can't say that he did it, or he didn't. I do know that he has been dishonest about other issues during this process, which in my opinion loses you the benefit of the doubt about anything else.
  13. I can respect Amash for his consistency, even if he is batsh** crazy. Ben Sasse is nothing but an empty suit. He talks a good game and then votes with whatever Trump pushes. Same with Flake.
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