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  1. Probably a tad unfair. I know it's easier for me to say since I'm not a Saints fan, but I always hate when a player receives so much of the blame just because it was at the end of the game. He also got an interception that started the comeback, if the offense had gotten another first down on the drive before, and kicked the FG at the last second, they win and Minnesota doesn't get the ball back. If the offense did ANYTHING in the first half they probably win. Yes, I understand why mistakes get amplified when they happen on the last play, but it doesn't make it fair. I don't follow the Saints at all, but by most accounts the kid is a very talented young player who made one terrible mistake that if it happened on any other drive would only warrant a sentence or two in the summary. Instead the guy is going to get grilled for the next year (or many more).
  2. I imagine it is going to end up like the calls last night...yes, they were terrible...but they really didn't decide the game. Viking defense is just playing so well, to this point it doesn't look like it's going to matter.
  3. If Stafford were on the Jags they would probably win the Super Bowl this year.
  4. Sad to see Austin go. Always liked him, don't think he had enough to work with on the DL the last few years. I assumed Patricia would look elsewhere, but I was hoping Austin would have a shot to retain his role.
  5. I like the decision. Aside from Crennel (who seems to be like Marinelli in that they are great coordinators/assistants, not great head coaches) all the other Patriots assistants have been offensive guys who undoubtedly benefited from Brady, Patricia is doing some very solid things in NE without a "Brady" on his side of the ball. Now, obviously he still benefits by being ahead in most games, but I still think he has a better chance of success than some of the other NE hires. I am MUCH more confident in him than Caldwell, by many accounts Caldwell was going to be fired in Baltimore right before we hired him anyways. I haven't heard a single negative from any Patriots fans/writers about Patricia when I don't think the same could ever be said about Caldwell. Good hire. I'm excited, for the first time in the last 15+ years I think this team is on the right track.
  6. Love it. Should have happened two years ago, but at least it happened. Good for Quinn. Finally looking up for the franchise.
  7. The point you haven't responded to is...why is it bad for a coach to want to move two clubhouse cancers for a solid value that would ultimately lead to them acquiring the right players that won them a Super Bowl a few years later? Sure, they were both talented...they also were both seen then and now as players who were detrimental to team unity and winning overall. Now, obviously we aren't sitting in on the interviews or have in-depth knowledge of his temperament, but I find is extremely plausible he tried to do too much and make too big of a splash (a la Shanahan) and learned from it. I don't need the HC to be a "nice" guy, I need him to put the team in the best position to win football games, he can start off by making sure we have the right amount of players on the field.
  8. My choices would be: 1) Josh McDaniels - I could see him following a similar career timeline as Belichick, failed at his first stop as a HC, recovered and did well during the second stint. He only had two years in Denver and 2010 was a disaster, he had a change over in OC, DC and multiple other coaching spots and he had no QB. He deserves another shot. 2) Matt Patricia - I like what he has done with the Patriots depleted defense. I (generally) would prefer to have a defensive minded HC who makes the right OC hire. If we could get him and then pair him with a guy like DeFillipo (Eagles QB coach), Munchack (Steelers OL coach) or Cable (Seahawks OL coach), I think that could be a winning combo. More so than ever, I want a HC and coordinators who understand the trenches can build from the inside out. Stafford is what he is (a good/great, but not elite QB), at this point we don't need a "QB whisperer"...we need to give him some time and space to make plays. I truly believe Stafford could be a championship QB if we had any semblance of a run game and offensive line. 3) Insert "up and coming" coordinator here...Vrabel, Robiskie, etc. hard to know who would be the best fit with relatively little information on most of these guys, but I would be for trying one of them out. Hard to believe they would be a worse HC than Caldwell at this point. I would NOT want Shaw or any other college coach as that just doesn't seem to pan out.
  9. Oh Lions. To think earlier this season I thought maybe they actually turned it around. Glad to see so many more fans on the fire Caldwell band wagon.
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. Should have been a catch but ONLY because it was a perfectly thrown ball and a top 5 WR. But the coverage was excellent.
  11. I’m at the game, can someone explain what happened with those penalties? Everyone here is confused.
  12. Same way the Colts fired him a year removed from a 10 win season and two years removed from a Super Bowl appearance? I only think it matters if he gets a win, I don't think three wild card appearances keeps your job on an up and coming team. But I think you would definitely have an argument.
  13. Awesome return, nice draft pick. So far it looks like Quinn might know what he's doing. Nice to see the team playing well.
  14. Wow, that first half was terrible on the offensive side of the ball. The stadium was super hyper with the two Kenny G touchdowns. Nice that the Lions won and had some guys like Kenny G step up. Running game was a disaster, how is it that one team can be so bad at running the ball for so long? It's like the Tigers and their bullpen...crazy. Good game, the updates to the stadium are nice. Slows-To-Go (the new kiosk and offerings) was not good (chicken nachos were fine, the pulled pork nachos were EXTREMELY salty). Overall had a blast and nice to finally see a team that is getting rid of the dead weight and putting the right people in positions of power to lead the team in the right direction. Final thoughts, glad we won, glad some of the rookies played well enough for their first game. Run game still looks terrible, ST is terrible again, and I don't think this is a well coached or disciplined team still. Defense is getting results, not a huge fan of the offensive play calling and if it weren't for Stafford/Kenny G making some plays the offense was bad. But at least there is hope for the first time in nearly 20 years.
  15. Haven't been around much, will be at the game. I definitely think the team is headed in the right direction, just not quite there yet. Just think how far along this team could have been if we had just fired the useless Mayhew (and Caldwell for that matter) sooner.** Lions lose today (in a close game), go 8-8 miss the wild card and fire Caldwell after the season. Paving the way for us to win a playoff game next season. Have a great football Sunday folks, I'll try to stop by every now to throw in my two cents that I'm sure everyone misses around here. **Figured since I haven't posted in months I needed at least one obligatory statement bashing Mayhew or otherwise being critical of the Lions.**
  16. I wonder how many years we will continue to have the EXACT same Ebron discussion? He is what he is at this point and there is very little in the first three years to suggest anything is going to change. He makes the very occasional spectacular catch. He drops passes/doesn't use his size/can't break away from defenders way too often for him to be considered an "elite" or even top 10 TE in the league. He has maturity/diva issues where, as shown above, he simply quits on plays. He can't and more than likely never will be able to block at even a "replacement" level to borrow baseball terms. In total, as previously mentioned by others, he is worth keeping around but is also a huge bust at the #10 pick. As is, he would have been a valuable find in the fifth or sixth round and a decent return if drafted in the late third. I know I haven't been posting at all in the last few months (largely due to a new job and some renovations I have going on) but to sum up my thoughts on the Lions season in one word is: disappointing. There were two scenarios that I would have enjoyed: 1) The Lions finish 6-10 and fire Caldwell and could officially start the Quinn era free of past mistakes. 2) The Lions win the division/playoff game(s) and, because of such, keep Caldwell around (even though he is a poor coach) What ended up happening is, IMO, the worst case scenario...we did just well enough (or got just lucky enough) for Quinn to warrant keeping Caldwell (who Martha "loves") but still managed to accomplish absolutely nothing of note. The only real positive out of this season is Quinn made some decent moves (Decker, Glasgow, Killebrew, Boldin) and as such there is hope for a better future. One glaring negative from this season is realizing just how terrible Mayhew was...Tomlinson is a bust in year 2, Ebron is a bust, Carter a bust, Wright a bust, Diggs a bust, Van Noy a bust, etc...essentially outside of 2013 and 2009 we got next to no value out of Mayhew's drafts. The fact that up until the very end fans were defending him makes me feel sorry for the vast majority of Lions' fans as they are so blinded by their own fandom they can't see how bad their favorite team is.
  17. I don't deny he has the right to privacy in all facets of his life. I just think, like you mentioned in your last sentence, if he was itching to get back on the field and sport the Honolulu blue he would be coming out to the media and saying, "I'm starting to feel better...I'm definitely progressing and hope to be practicing in "x" amount of weeks and contributing to the success of this team." Instead whenever anyone asked him about it, he said talk to Caldwell who says look at the report. I think the strangest part is them adding a knee injury after he hadn't practiced in 5+ weeks...that is a really weird addition IMO.
  18. Not at all...the Lions NEED Levy. He plays an important position in the worst position group on a terrible defense...if there is any chance at all he comes back the Lions will likely take that chance. As was reported earlier in the season the team doctors had cleared Levy to play, it was his doctors the (allegedly) didn't. It's not like the Lions can force him to play if he feels he isn't ready and he could conceivably not be ready for the rest of the year. I just think if you look at the totality of the circumstances it looks like he, at the very least, has no desire to play before he and every doctor he can find says he is 100%. And maybe he was injured coming into week 1, the only thing that is odd is that he played the entire game, IIRC he was out there on the last few defensive snaps of the game. Then it came out he was injured after not having left the game or practiced, then he was out for a few weeks and it was reported that (allegedly) the team doctors said he was fine but his doctors said he wasn't 100% yet, then shortly after that they added a knee injury to the injury report (even though he hadn't practiced at all). It just all seems odd and by all accounts; if he WANTED to come back he would at least be out there saying SOMETHING...instead its all radio silence when it comes to his injury.
  19. I'm honestly shocked you are getting as much push back for this opinion which, IMO, makes total sense. The guy had a mysterious quad injury (was still playing late in the game he got hurt but then missed practice the next week) that somehow kept him out 3+ weeks (which is unique in that quad injuries typically don't sideline a player with a desire to play the game for that long) and then after having not practiced for 3+ weeks came down with a knee injury that no one is commenting on. The guy clearly just doesn't want to play and I also can't blame him, he is set for life assuming he invests wisely...why risk permanent injury when he can sail away into the sunset a multi-millionaire who still has some clout as a former All-Pro NFL player? If the guy still wanted to play he would at least be at the practice facility, just last week or so it was reported he hasn't even been at Allen Park since week one...
  20. It's not even getting a 6th rounder, it's essentially moving up 15 or so draft positions. Patriots, as we all know, will be picking very late in the rounds (possibly even the last pick) and the Lions will most likely be somewhere in the 10-15 range...with some luck and continued success maybe even in the top 8. I'm not upset at the trade because Van Noy was terrible, but it's just crazy that we had to trade a second round pick to move up 15 or so spots late in the draft.
  21. Guess Ajayi got his head right and now is just dominating for Miami. Back to back 200+ yard games. If he can stay healthy and get out of his own way he could very well be the steal of the draft.
  22. Stafford is the only reason this team has won ANY games. Can't say anything other than he has been a huge difference maker.
  23. And drop city...even when he does get time these receivers just can't hold onto the ball.
  24. Lions got nearly every break that half. Crazy missed field goal, unforced fumble 3 yards away from the end zone, ball thrown directly at the Redskins DB and it bounces off his helmet and is caught by Tate... Hopefully they can play better in the second half and take advantage of the fact we are tied 3-3 instead of being down 13-3 (or worse if Stafford is picked off on that crazy play that hit the Redskins helmet).
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