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  1. Just elevated too many balls today. Really seems that simple
  2. The Royals defense is just killing the Tigers tonight.
  3. Peralta doesn't have his best stuff tonight, but his pitch count is still managable. Hope they can get at least another couple of innings out of him
  4. Whoever is in charge of the Bally rolling stat thing is drunk... Lakeland is not playing "Dundin" and Erie is definitely not playing Birmingham lol
  5. Ok, I'll stop complaining about Willi Castro for the moment haha
  6. Ugh, Willi nearly gifted Perez a free bag there
  7. A reminder that this is who Donald Trump wants to make a run at the Georgia Senate seat....
  8. Looks like Dad traded in his Srixon hat for the Old English D lol
  9. Are we going to be treated to a picture of Smiling Al sitting next to Jobe?
  10. I have a hard time seeing K-State getting a demotion, you'd think someone would make room for them. But otherwise I think this is all plausible. It's definitely an earthquake down here though...
  11. The logo in the upper right corner.... That's like MS Paint material
  12. I don't hate the name, but the Spiders would have been much better.
  13. If someone would have told me back in late April that this team would be approaching the end of July only 4 games below .500, I would laughed in their face. It's one of the more remarkable in-season turnarounds, at least in the 25 or so years that I've been following this team.
  14. He has a pool of relievers to work with, and he has to manage their workload. It can't be all on Soto, Cisnero and Funk. He has no choice but to rely on these other guys in crucial times.. I find it hard to blame him for having to put guys in if they are occupying a roster spot.
  15. To be fair, Mike Leach strikes me as a not get vaxxed type lol
  16. If we even sniff the Wild Card game, will we even care? (The answer is yes, but still...)
  17. Just to add a wrinkle to this, it may have been helped along by the Tigers sweeping them after the break began (after maybe giving them a glimmer of hope before the break).
  18. He's out of the division (altho we still have to play the Rays twice ugh)
  19. My powers of prognostication leave a lot to be desired lol
  20. Brewers were just too busy partying with the Bucks the past few days lolol
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