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  1. Bump... Over/under on 75 at this point?
  2. So, no more vaccines for MMR as well? This messaging is so odd
  3. Would even go as far as to say that Reyes' stock seemingly on the rise is as much about Hill/Cameron and Baddoo (to a lesser extent) not separating themselves as it is Reyes playing better baseball. I like that they have more depth in outfield, but none of the three have earned full time roles yet IMO. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out for the rest of the season and into the offseason/ST next year
  4. I'd have to look at the numbers more closely, but I'm guessing BABIP was pretty unkind to him earlier in the year as well tho. I'd guess his overall stat line is probably a decent snapshot of who he is. Which may be enough for him to be in that conversation as a reserve.
  5. Victor really has played his way into conversation about OF next spring training... at least in terms of being a reserve anyway. I do worry about his streakiness and the fact that he may just be on an upswing at the moment. With Baddoo, I wonder how much of it stems from the collision with Hill...
  6. To be fair, this is against the best team in the American League
  7. Discouraging result here in the top of the 10th... still love the fight from this team tho
  8. Incredible... way better than the happenings across the street!
  9. Really wouldn't mind getting Lange into some games late going forward... Cisnero just needs a break
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