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  1. This is how I interpreted his comment when I saw the broadcast.
  2. I can't think of many cases where giving up a walk when you are up by 3 runs is preferable to throwing strikes and trying to get guys out.
  3. Again, I think Morris' comment was very much contingent on the situation in the game (ie. up three runs late in a game), not a general statement that homers are better than walks in all cases. His point is that traffic on the base paths is what you need to come back from three runs down, whereas a solo homer isn't a prerequisite for coming back from 3 runs down. I dont know what data analytics say about his assertion, for all I know its still wrong. But there is a logic to it.
  4. The offense was just otherworldly bad in April. And while they are deficient from a position player perspective, this is probably closer to what this group should be producing than April was.
  5. Yeah, Morris was talking situation there. I get the logic, although I'm not sure how it jibes with data analytics.
  6. Great out for Mize... Now break out the Maalox for Soto lol
  7. Shep is justifiably fired up about Mize lol
  8. Mize has looked pretty good tonight...
  9. West coast games during the week are not ideal lol
  10. As bad as the Ohio Senate race is shaping up to be, Missouri may be even more of a dumpster fire...
  11. I agree, although to be fair, there are a couple of cases where the minority carve out does help (MIssissippi being the big one - I'd imagine that there would be attempts to crack the existing VRA district and draw a 4-0 map without the rule)
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