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  1. Only he who is Caucasian can be given the racist tag. And the holy grail of accusations is when a fellow Caucasian labels his kind a racist.
  2. At some point responsibility needs to be taken. Seems like he who is best at excusing himself wins. Pathetic
  3. If you have a minute, check out the left-wing race baiters on twitter(simply search #antoniomartin). They are already organizing protests and inciting violence by spreading blatant lies and conspiracies. Talk about moron-hood
  4. Anyone who blocks traffic is an @hole and should be arrested.
  5. I assume that's photoshopped.
  6. What's your position? You say they are looking for trouble and usually looking to hurt people. You have a very bigoted view of the people who risk their lives every day they put on the uniform so that we can safely sit on our tablets, phones, and work computers and bicker.
  7. I think Michael Brown shared the same sentiment about cops which explains why he was trying to take Officer Wilson's gun.
  8. If your read the grand jury documents, a couple of witnesses were surprised to see them walking in the middle of a busy street. In fact, Wilson and witnesses attested to seeing cars having to pass around both Brown and his friend, who refused to move for traffic.
  9. I can't believe these a-holes are walking onto major highways in the middle of the day. They are messing with people livelihoods. What's going to happen when someone in an emergency situation or medical personal can't respond because of these idiots. None of this would be taking place if Brown had actually had his hands up.
  10. And all those media outlets ran with the story. What a freaking joke.
  11. I sense a huge thanksgiving size helping of white guilt in your post. Wilson has told the same story since day 1. He was interrogated by the FBI and the DOJ conducted their own investigation. Most telling, his story is backed up by the forensics(remember when forensics was the buzz word for this case?.... Well not so much anymore)
  12. I did not see Hayes, but I did watch Erin Burnett on CNN conduct an absolute abomination of an interview to Johnson last night. CNN kept playing the interview over and over. Any dimwit can see throught it. It's amazing how otherwise honest/intelligent people have lost their most basic reasoning skills. All of this unrest is on their hands.
  13. Before he ever got out of the car, Michael Brown was standing at his window and the confrontation ensued including gun shots in the car. This is indisputable backed by both forensics and all of the eyewitness testimony, including all of Dorian Johnsons's many different versions.
  14. At this point, if someone believes/espouses that narrative, it's not worth engaging in a nonsensical dialogue.
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