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  1. So I decided to pop in for a moment and see what was shaking at my old haunt, and I read a lot of expressed disappointment about the Tigers not signing Kim, and I think the disappointment in Avila/Ilitch is misplaced in this instance. I'll preface this by saying I know nothing about Kim other than he is Korean and I know little to nothing about Korean life / culture. I however, do know something about living in Japan, and my wife coincidentally covers primarily Japanese baseball players in MLB. Japanese players want to play on the west coast for endorsement reasons and I suspect it is the same in Korea. East coast games air live in Japan (and Korea) at 6 AM, west coast games air at 9 AM. Relatively few wake up at 6 AM to watch baseball, and if they do, it is for the Yankees. 9 AM, however, is prime time for MLB in Japan. Kids, house wives, retirees, dudes with days off all watch 9 AM games and know/support west coast teams. Have done so for years, to the point many young adults have followed a (west coast) team since their childhood and are lifelong fans of the Mariners or the Dodgers or whatever. Young Japanese star players (such as Otani) that come over to MLB can make as much, or more, money in endorsements in Japan than paid salary. Those who endorse said players want them playing at 9 AM as much as possible to reach as many fans as possible (with the Yankees being the exception). I suspect it is the same for Kim / Korean players. The Tigers will likely never sign a young star from Korea or Japan and that has nothing to do with Al Avila or Chris Ilitch. It has to do with something like 80% of their games are played at 6 AM, 6 AM is ****ing early, and the Tigers are not the Yankees. Enjoy the holidays and Happy New Year. Peace out. - Sean
  2. I basically have decided to retire from the board - just too much of my time was spent on posting and being on the board in general. I am doing really well and I appreciate you were thinking of me. Thank you for that. PMs go to my email, so I can be reached that way should anyone wish to reach me. Best Regards, Sean P.S. I hope one day to be in the position to potentially hire a Rajai
  3. You are right, though I count about 10 more without TX. All in on Texas.
  4. He gets his *** kicked at 410. You don't think winning 410-128 is an *** kicking?
  5. Lions have a better chance of being good.
  6. Taking 410 EC votes vs. 450 will change nothing in terms of politics in America 2021-24, nor will you personally care 2 weeks after the election in the hypothetical whether he got Texas or not. Trump won't even care, and he's the ***hole who lost in the scenario. Yes, I want Texas and there are good reasons to invest in Texas. But Texas is not a priority relative to something like 10 other states by any reasonable or objective calculus. Secure those 10 states first as best as possible and then worry about Texas. You don't (or oughtn't at least) manage campaigns based on emotional wants, wishes or gut feels. And all of this ignores Texas is very unlikely to flip independent of investment and if it does flip, it probably is owing a **** of a lot more to systemic polling error than some 6 week media blitz.
  7. I would imagine they are aware of his contributions and have planned around them accordingly.
  8. Anything spent over planned budget in Texas that would significantly reduce your planned spending in PA/OH/FL/MI/MN/WI/AZ/NV is too much. But I don't know their budget and what they have planned. Maybe they are Daddy Warbucks and can attempt to buy everything. I don't know, though I suspect there are limits to their war chest. If you have excess funds after the more important targets have been adequately addressed and want to put it towards Texas, fine. But Texas has to be the 8th or 10th priority overall or something. Budgeting 101. You work at a bank. I suspect you know this.
  9. Nobody is, or would/should, argue that. Frankly you do that in all states.
  10. So what the **** are we talking about? Complete waste of time.
  11. I never said or suggested they should put no money or time into Texas. I said it isn't a priority, and also said it is much less a priority than PA/OH. You've created a strawman.
  12. Stop making arguments nobody made. It is beneath you.
  13. You are right, MB. They should chase everything because Texas is historically close but not *that* close 6 weeks away. And I already said it makes sense to divert resources there to help down ballot, so???
  14. Sure, do a voter registration drive. Nobody was or will argue that.
  15. The point isn't you don't pitch in TX, but there is a finite amount of time and resources and personal appearances that the campaign can apply overall. You focus the lion's share those efforts on those states that secure the win, not to get the icing on the cake. Texas should be largely an afterthought. Alternately, if Biden loses, it isn't because he barely lost Texas. If Biden wins, he probably does not take Texas.
  16. How do you get under 5%? You said it yourself, demographic trends.
  17. An election where you aren't 5 points down on average and OH/PA you are up 1 to 5. Take OH and PA and you've won. It really is as simple as that. Trump needs all 3 (TX/OH/PA). Focus your energies on the two you have the best shot winning. Especially when those states correlate really well with other key Midwest states. Your messaging to the midwest can be consistent. To the extent you do appearances, OH and PA are right next to each other. ****, pitch to the Appalachian voter in both. Try to grab 5-10% of those guys Hillary couldn't reach.
  18. You put time and money into Texas to force his hand and try to help down ballot - that I can understand. But I can't imagine any semi-competent campaign manager actually would strategize around actively burning resources that could be better used in OH and PA. Seriously, take those two and I think Trump is kneecapped, because that means you are almost certainly getting MI/WI/MN along with it. You could lose all other close races (NH/NV/CO/FL/NC/NE2/ME2) and would still win with the midwest minus Indiana and Iowa. OH/PA are just as many electoral college votes as Texas. It's too obvious not to do.
  19. You don't invest significant time or resources in Texas because: a) It is not flipping in 2020, and b) even if it did somehow flip, it will be the difference between 400 and 450 in the EC total. In other words, Texas represents style points, and unattainable ones at that.
  20. It would also be nice if Miguel could match his HR total from 2019.
  21. I want Miguel to end the season with a higher OPS than Castellanos, though highly unlikely.
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