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  1. He will in a few weeks. His name is Cade. 🔥
  2. Krol was actually pretty impressive. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him take innings from Jimenez.
  3. Wait. I was told there would be Communism if Biden won. And the suburbs would be full of gangs raping and murdering in the streets.
  4. Everyone is dumping on the prosecutor, but was he actually wrong? Without his testimony would he ever have been found guilty in either a civil or criminal case?
  5. I could really use not hearing the words witch hunt, fake news, and cancel culture ever again. Even the words they use for their grievance pity party are low rent.
  6. Imagine if Lincoln threw up his hands and said “well what do you want from me? Those obstructing southern states just refuse to abolish slavery. I guess this is just how it’s gonna be”
  7. I think history will be (or should be) more harsh on Obama for the missed opportunities. Those were the years to really make progress in combatting climate change and racial tensions in this country. And most of it was wasted.
  8. Personally, I think it’s silly to rank presidents who are so close in the rear view mirror. As a historian, how can you give a historical perspective on presidencies that haven’t had the chance for history to judge them? I’d rather a 50 year waiting period before a presidents term is ranked.
  9. After all these years who’d have thought cp3 gets his chance with the Suns of all teams.
  10. it’s why the Vegas shooting has gotten so little attention. Wasn’t a Jihadist out white supremacist so not much to get riled up over.
  11. Unless I’m in a store that mandates a mask, I’m not wearing one after I’m fully vaccinated.
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