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  1. Jackson's defense hasn't been good for 18 months now. And we have Price for 18 months, not 10-12 starts.
  2. David Price would start Opening Day on probably 25 teams next season. The only teams who wouldn't have him start Opening Day would be the Dodgers, Mariners, White Sox, Cardinals, and maybe the Nationals. He might not get the nod in Detroit because of extenuating circumstances with Verlander and his contract and history. But there aren't many teams with a pitcher better than Price.
  3. A stud who is 2-3 years away from making his MLB debut. Too many chances for things to go wrong for him between now and then to wring your hands about getting probably 6 WAR from Price over the next 18 months.
  4. Jackson will be back in town in a few weeks and they can do it then, if this is a thing that's actually important to them and not just to some random fan.
  5. Forgive me for not caring that much about an 18 year old kid in low A ball. So many opportunities for him to fail between now and his MLB debut.
  6. I mean I think Smyly is good. But he's like #3 good, not leaguewide ace good. Jason Vargas or Jon Niese good, not David Price or Jon Lester good. Dan and Jim now saying the West Michigan shortstop is included. Who knows.
  7. Kluber just threw a shutout on 85 pitches. Like an ultra Maddux. Wow.
  8. I remember in his KC days they sometimes called him The Mexicutioner, which is my favorite kind of nickname: vaguely threatening and vaguely racist. Do people still call him that?
  9. I'm more disappointed in Ausmus than I am in Verlander this year. It's like watching a kid playing chess against a master in this series.
  10. DFA Nathan. DD should give Ausmus the dreaded vote of confidence. That dude is dumb. I miss Leyland badly.
  11. Man did I miss real baseball. Dan and Jim trying to talk themselves into believing JD is for real. 'Maybe not the average but the power.' Didn't we all think the same of Boesch?
  12. That's why you listen to the games rather than watch them. That, and Dan and Jim aren't completely incompetent.
  13. I'm with Shelton on this. I'm not as down on Jackson overall, but he just hasn't been doing much the last 18 months.
  14. 13 in a row. One walk. This is a stutter step in the onward march of progress.
  15. I'm thinking that in a few decades when these folks have passed from this planet, they will replace Judas, Brutus, and Cassius in Satan's gnawing maw. I had forgotten about that excruciating facet of his pitching.
  16. Verlander still missing badly but seems to be settling in a bit.
  17. You can't write off his career yet. Go look at the careers of Schilling, Johnson, Clemens, Halladay, etc. Down years happen. Usually they happen on the DL. Verlander's healthy enough to pitch and if he's going to get into form, he's got to pitch.
  18. Now that his K/BB over the last 18 innings is 20/2, you can start to say happy Verday again. He's coming about. Duck when the boom coms over.
  19. One thing I've noticed about Dan and Jim's show this year is that absolutely everything is sponsored. A guy can't take a walk in the 7th or later without hearing about how it's brought to you by the feel-good Michigan Masons, Share the Secret, or if the number of first pitch strikes exceeds 10 within the starter's start that $17.50 will be donated to the Myopia Society of the Greater Detroit Metroplex, nice area.
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