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  1. Verlander's made some strides since mid-June and he's also owned the NL. Plus he really needs to give at least 7 innings, and more like 8, given the debacle from the last two games. So we'll see. Happy Verday.
  2. Your ERA doesn't go up if you're allowing other pitchers' baserunners.
  3. Buehrle isn't necessarily predictable in his mix of pitches, but it seems like with 2 strikes on a righty he loves to try and freeze them inside with a frontdoor sinker. And when you're getting a few inches off the plate there, why not?
  4. What a zone today. This is how teams facing Glavine must have felt.
  5. I think this hits it for me. Jim could be a bonehead about in-game moves too, but almost all of them are. Leyland seemed to have a much better finger on the pulse of his starters, or at least Verlander, but I suspect there is a special connection between those two men. I got the sense that Leyland was viewed as less of a manager than as a skipper, ie a captain. Managers manage people. Skippers lead them. Seemed like some of the players viewed Leyland as a god.
  6. I thought Ausmus was going to come in and do things differently. But aside from the shifts, which are cool, he's about the most paint-by-numbers guy there is. No feel for making pitching changes. I feel like he doesn't put people in a position to succeed. Leyland was better at that, for the most part.
  7. No dude. The script would be that Verlander reunites with the Old Skipper, has a sit down in a smoky office, and throws shutouts in games 1, 5, 1, 5, 1, 5, and 7, on short rest.
  8. He can't put anything over the plate! Brad Ausmus is seriously dumb.
  9. Brad Ausmus is a moron. An absolute moron. I miss Jim Leyland badly.
  10. A tiring Max Scherzer is better than 2014 Joe Nathan, especially after last night's debacle.
  11. If you had to choose a starter to go to the pen for the playoffs right now, it'd be Sanchez. Thought the playoffs can no longer be assumed. What terrible play over the last however long.
  12. The plus side is that all four starters in this series have gone 7. Or are about to, knock wood. But man the offense has looked terrible.
  13. I think Price is pretty smart about baseball intuitively. He talks about k/bb, agrees with Dan about the importance of defensive efficiency, was extolling the project of war the other day, etc. Dan has got him converted, I think.
  14. Dan Dickerson told this story once where he asked Ernie how he stayed enthused during bad seasons. Ernie said something like in any bad season, you might see an amazing game, or in a bad game, you might see an amazing play, etc. The idea was to break whatever bad thing down into smaller things, and there are odds of one of the smaller things being really cool. That's how I can listen to bad games, and how when the Tigers inevitably have a bad season, how I'll stick around. Mario just goes 'oh gee shucks whiz see you tomorrow.'
  15. Get down with your bad self. Oh no he didn't. Rod is terrible. Mario is worse. I cringed the other night watching the highlight reel: Mario: 'holy cats! Did you see that play?' Rod: 'did that just get a holy cats out of you?' No one talks like that. It just rings false. Luckily we have Dan and Jim, who are amazing. Jim's art of pitching schtick is totally self-aware. He knows what he's saying and pokes fun at himself for it. Rod has no such self-awareness. And Dan Dickerson is so much better than Mario Impemba that it's hard to even write their names in the same sentence. I'd say half of the reason I've been able to pretty easily stay a Tiger fan when I live eight hours from the nearest MLB park is because Dan Dickerson is calling the games. If my only choice was Mario and Rod, I'd probably only follow the boxscores.
  16. I can't believe how bad a manager Kirk Gibson is. Goldschmidt broke his hand on a total mistake HBP Friday, so AZ retaliates against McCutchen on the 4th pitch of an AB in the 9th last night, takes 95 right in the spine. Gibson is so concerned with enforcing ********* rules, and poorly, that his team can't win at all. He alienated actual good players and has collected a scrappy bunch of *******s who lose.
  17. 'They said your methods were . . . unsound.' 'And what do you think? Are my methods unsound?' '. . . don't see any method at all . . .' The Twins are anti-sabermetric, by all accounts. Other teams too. The Phillies are clueless on a good day, and delusional on most.
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