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  1. Avila playing first? Ausmus needs to be fired. This is just stupid.
  2. To be fair, you could be well aware you're hanging out with, say, Phil Coke and Max Scherzer, and have no idea who this jackwagon Evan Reed is. I mean I didn't know who Evan Reed was before the season started, and I'm an actual fan.
  3. Jim Johnson was about the only reliever pitching significant innings this year doing worse than Joe Nathan, so I'm not expecting squat from him.
  4. jake: I blame your butt and your mouth, which I sometimes have trouble telling apart.
  5. Yeah, the fans turning on Justin Verlander, who has been the best pitcher Detroit has had since Lolich, makes me puke. Never missed a start, never started anything in the media, always the first to spring training, always ready to take the ball and more often than not deliver . . . I mean come on. This is a franchise player and he's having the second bad year of his otherwise illustrious career. And he's injured, turns out. Suggesting anything like he quit or is being a diva is just gross to me.
  6. Don't worry, Kevin Rand'll take care of him! Oh wait.
  7. I'm going with the theory that Shelton suggested, that his once-perfect mechanics have been disturbed by the core injury, so he's out of his regular rhythm. I was totally prepared for this to be a torn labrum and to not see him until Opening Day 2016. This is better. He's just got to pick up where he left off before yesterday and keep making strides. Even without swings and misses, you can still be somewhat effective by just pounding the zone with decent stuff. Then in the offseason, he's got a lot of work to do to put him into shape to storm back in at 32 and go back to being a top 15 pitcher, which is totally reasonable. Schilling and Johnson are two guys, never linked to steroids, who were effective into their very late thirties. Verlander is in that category of pitcher.
  8. Yeah, but what easily repairable injury could it be? Velocity down, almost 2k IP, 31 yrs old. That's more likely major.
  9. I'm going to go ahead and guess it's a labrum and that he'll be out for 2015.
  10. At this point I'm expecting to hear that every pitcher has a torn labrum and they all died on the operating table.
  11. This is the worst game I've ever listened to. They haven't done a single positive thing at all.
  12. If it's just a bug or something, he could start later this week maybe?
  13. I just don't understand how anyone could call Verlander a diva. He's never missed a start and from 2009-2013 he was the best righty in the game. He's the first to spring training every year and he's taken the ball in some big games and come up huge. He's pretty clearly trying to pitch through an injury right now. That's not being a diva. It's being dumb, but it's also being a workhorse.
  14. I'm guessing Verlander is going to miss the first start of his career later this week.
  15. Forget this ****ing ****. Not only Justin but this team just has no consistency at all.
  16. Brutal. Just listened to a great interview with him from 2010 the other day. Worth a listen for sure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tLi1Mc7g30
  17. I think two things happened with Crosby. 1. Injuries. Lots of them. 2. He was another in a long stream of arms that had velocity and not much else and the Tigers thought they could polish him up. It'd be okay if their whole organizational pitching philosophy wasn't this.
  18. Don't the Tigers need someone who has good ABs and like you know produces?
  19. Happy to see Whelan called up too. If you don't recall, he was drafted a Tigers and went to New York in the Sheffield deal. Pitched all of 1.2 innings in the majors. He's 30. Let's see if he's got anything. He's shown decent control this season but his career milb walk rate is brutal. In his 1.2 IP stint, he was a fastball/split guy at 91. We'll see.
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