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  1. I didn't understand his logic at all. Why would this be treated any differently than a sac fly? That's essentially what it was, except the throw went the wrong way. Max looks like he needed that call to go his way. Thank god for the bunts and atem balls today.
  2. Joe's also pitching worse than his results show. Every batter has a chance to get on base when you go 2-0, 3-1 on every hitter.
  3. You can't walk people in the 9th, and if you do, you can't be chucking lazy breakers right down the ****.
  4. Just sat down for the 9th. Man, what a hit. Just huge. Dan and Jim were amazing on it. I can't fathom those who think Dan is too over the top.
  5. This is one of my favorite baseball-related things every year. I listen and still fill it out based on what Dan tells me, because Dan tells it like it is.
  6. I can't wait to the see the strike zone chart after this game. According to gameday, it's been brutal. Six inches off the plate away is a strike, but the inner third against lefties seems to be a ball today.
  7. I love how 'cleared for 2015' means 'he should be playing next week.' That's dumb. Think about it. His doctor said he should be ready in six months. Just because the world feels like it ends from November-March, it doesn't.
  8. I think there are going to be 3 or 4 guys competing for the 5th slot in 2015. Add in Kyle Ryan, too. Maybe Farmer, if he finds some command between now and then.
  9. As if I needed another reason to keep listening to radio only.
  10. This is what the fans' scouting report attempts to do on a year to year basis, and averages fans' opinions out. If you get enough opinions, you'll probably get pretty close to the truth.
  11. I was actually pretty impressed with Ryan. His low-walk, chuck-and-duck approach is better at eating innings than the high-upside but no-command approach of Ray and Farmer. He'll look fine at the back end of a rotation of the future. Nate Robertson without the walks.
  12. Not exactly the pitcher's duel I was looking forward to. Scherzer is a great pitcher and all, but his performance these last three starts has made his imminent departure a little easier to swallow.
  13. I'm just going to put this here. This is maybe old news for some of you, but there is now a grindcore band called Puig Destroyer, obviously modeled after the grindcore band Pig Destroyer. With songs like 'One Man, Five Tools.' speed power, fielding contact a cannon for an arm one man, five tools speed power, fielding contact a cannon for an arm one man, five tools **** the walk, destroy the ball crush smash kill... annihilate one man, five tools I like my extreme music much slower and less comprehensible, but this is swell and I'm glad it exists.
  14. Love this. Good fastball life and velocity. Good command. Sharp slider. It's almost like we have an actual MLB quality starter going this game.
  15. Isn't this a swell feeling? I haven't caught a Rod & Mario broadcast in 3 years now. Maybe once when I was on vacation back home. Dan and Jim are basically the voices of baseball season, as far as I'm concerned.
  16. Farmer is better than Ray, but he still needs a ton of work. You can see how he could turn into a #3-4 starter. But not right now. Back to back 1.something inning starts with 4 games within 48 hours. Lovely. And a recovering Verlander going tonight.
  17. Dan: 'Fly ball, and this is getting embarrassing, if it wasn't before, and gone.'
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