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  1. A redneck has his first day of classes at Harvard. He hears someone talking with a Boston accent, which he has never heard before. 'Hey, where ya'll from? 'At Harvard, we do not end our sentences in prepositions.' 'Oh. Well, where ya'll from, *******?'
  2. I'm pretty high on Castellanos, but I don't see him hitting the .340+ that batting titles require. I'm being really optimistic when I'm picturing below average defense, .280/.330/.450 next year. He strikes out way too much to think he'll hit .340 ever.
  3. Trading one bag of balls for another seems inefficient to me. I worry about how long it's going to take before Cuba becomes overrun with McDonald's and Starbucks. It'll be interesting in terms of baseball talent, though. I'm also personally curious if any of the cigar manufacturers who bailed for the Dominican or Honduras when Castro came to power will return.
  4. I think a catcher platoon would be great.
  5. I look at the current team and see 87 wins. Castellanos and Verlander are two who could perform just about anywhere and I wouldn't be surprised. I'm expecting at least 1.5war from Nick, and as an unabashed Verlander fanboi I'm expecting 4war out of him. I don't see anything in the pen that looks like a win, though. Lots of room for improvement there.
  6. Speaking. Well, sort of. Came here to post this. I've lived for three years now with just a radio subscription to the Tigers and netflix for whatever else. Baseball is so much better on the radio anyway. You just put it on and go outside and do whatever you do. You don't have to watch irrelevant stats like 'batting average with one out, runner on second' come up. Dan tells you everything you need to know.
  7. Agreed with this. Lester has a history of bigtime IP loads. Scherzer, not so.
  8. I'd rather have Shields than Scherzer long term. Shields just feels like a better bet for 200+IP over the life of the contract.
  9. Castellanos wasn't amazing this year, but he held his own as a 22 year old. No reason to send him to AAA. That'd be a bizarre move.
  10. I'm going to roll the dice with Verlander for 3 more batters, then go to Sanchez and ride him the rest of the game.
  11. I recall listening to him call a Verlander game in Fenway in 2009, right when he started being Justin ****ing Verlander. 1st inning: 'He's throwing 97, no way he holds that all game.' 8th inning: 'He's throwing 99, the hairiest fastball in the sport, and just forget about it Papi.'
  12. I was thinking that Magglio would be the catcher, and that Guillen would throw the ball down the LF line, and Maggs would stand to see if it was going fair or foul.
  13. Why is Price being pulled? Also, why has the offense done nothing against Gibson? I can get not scoring runs, but hardly anyone's had even a decent AB today.
  14. I don't think Sale has pitched enough innings. And as easy it is to vote for Kershaw, to me, it feels weird giving the Cy Young to a starter who pitched under 200 innings. I understand it's close and also that he was super effective, but it's still a strange feeling to me.
  15. My Cy Young vote: Kluber Felix Lester How is everyone forgetting about Lester? And I don't think Scherzer has had a better year than Price, and no one is ready to hand Price the award.
  16. You have to gauge common and uncommon based on actual averages. If the average hitter hits .275 in a year, then more than that is common, and less than that is uncommon. With homers, maybe the average hitter hits one every 40 PA, so more often than that is common, less often than that is uncommon.
  17. They can do both. EDIT I was looking at Verlander's season numbers today. Obviously he hasn't pitched well. But his FIP is under 4, his BABIP is high, his strand rate is atrocious, his walks are below 3/9IP. The strikeouts are down, but this isn't a Tim Lincecum situation where the walk rate went to hell and he started getting hammered. The stuff hasn't always been there, but it's also come and gone, which makes me think with a full offseason to get into shape, he can improve his stuff for 2015. By WAR, he's a top 30 pitcher this year in MLB, not far behind Porcello. I think the days of 240IP and 2.50 ERA are gone, but I see no reason why he can't return to say 220IP and 3.50 ERA next season. That's plenty useful. Also I read in another article with no citation that he had the worst bullpen support in terms of inherited runners scoring in MLB this year. I'd believe that. With an average bullpen, his ERA might be closer to 4.00, which isn't great, but is decent enough for a guy who hasn't had his legs under him all season.
  18. Rick has been terrible lately. Just awful. And while this game isn't a must-win for the Tigers, it would make the rest of the season that much easier if they did win it.
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