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  1. I love how this team has sort of been retooling on the fly for almost a decade now. The team has been called old since like 2007. Now, it's a whole new cast of characters, minus Verlander, and people still act like it's the same team. Eventually they'll have to give up the ghost. But they've done a great job of keeping things rolling and not becoming the Phillies.
  2. I think Price has also done a really good job of integrating advanced stuff into his scouting reports about pitchers. You can tell he's reading right off the fangraphs page for arsenals of starters and such. I think he's improved quite a bit over the last seven or eight years. And Dickerson is just the best in the business right now.
  3. I remember in 2009, Grienke was breaking out and Verlander talked to him in KC and asked what to do. Zack said he stopped throwing the 2 seamer because he figured little movement with pinpoint control was better than movement and sloppy control. Then Verlander reeled off that 11 strikeout game against the Yankees, the two Cliff Lee duels, the 13 strikeout game in the Metrodome, etc. So I think it goes back 6 years to him deciding that location was better than movement, and that at the time he couldn't locate the 2 seamer. My guess is that he is throwing a 2 seamer now, and it just doesn't move all that much differently, in which case maybe it's time to find a new grip. I was disappointed with the game in NY because those two of those homers were outs in other parks. But also because 4 years ago, when he had more backspin on his fastball than anyone in the game, they would've been medium depth flyouts rather than 310 footers. That said, I was pretty impressed with both the fastball and curveball, compared to what we saw last year. I think it's going to be an ongoing adjustment period, but I see no reason why he can't get back to days of 200 IP, 8 k/9, 2.5 bb/9, #2-3 type numbers. He's certainly going to do everything he can to put himself in a position where that's possible. You can't question the guy's drive.
  4. Dan and Jim are floored. Said Heyward was tagging up. Of course that wouldn't make any difference. Just a mistake on Heyward's part.
  5. Came here to check if anyone knew about when the tarp was coming off. Stayed to say: happy 60k posts, Yoda.
  6. Did laugh at that one. Big fan of Dan, and I've really come around on Jim over the last several seasons. Sometimes he talks too much, but not lately.
  7. Actually, the company she'll be working for, Genentech, are famous for developing HGH. Maybe she'll get embroiled in a big baseball controversy.
  8. Very happy to have baseball back. Perhaps I'll be around here a bit more this season. Wife's spending the summer working for big pharma in San Francisco, so it might be a beer and brats and baseball on the radio type of summer.
  9. Verlander returns to form, say 225IP with a FIP around 3.25. Castellanos leads the division in doubles. Avila doesn't get a concussion this year. Greene and Simon show us what back end starters are again: between them, they post 400IP with a FIP of 4.25, give or take.
  10. If his OPS is .650 and his defense is as advertised, I'll be pretty happy.
  11. I've loved this thread every year for eight years. Thanks, Roger.
  12. I was talking with my dad last night, and he made the same point. He talked me into it.
  13. This may have been the case when you went through school, but it wasn't for me, and it certainly, certainly isn't anymore in the post-No Child Left Behind / Race to the Top world.
  14. I'm working two jobs now: substitute teaching and at a group home for 16-17 year old kids. Sometimes I sub AP seniors from 7:30am-3:00pm, then go right to the other job from 3:15pm until midnight. It's some pretty stark difference in the apparent level of parents having given a crap about their kids. I had a chat with this awesome junior one time whose parents had just taken him on a tour of the best colleges in California, then went and picked up one of my charges at the group home from school and had a chat about how she was raped by her father. I was bummed all last summer because I couldn't find a conveniently-located full-time teaching gig, but I'm so glad I ended up where I am this year, because it's providing me with very valuable perspective on the variety of kids that I'll be responsible for teaching when I eventually land a full-time gig. So if you think public school is just babysitting, and you're also a non-negligent parent, do teachers and the other students a favor and get your kid out of there. It's way easier to teach in a classroom full of fewer and collective less cynical people. And apparently you can do the job better on your own.
  15. I'm sure you learned algebra, geometry, the carbon cycle, inferential reading, and the founding of America on your own, or from your parents.
  16. I don't teach elementary kids, but I do teach older kids. Here's what teachers are running up against lately. This is third grade, but after a brief look through the literature, informational text, foundational skills, reading & listening, and writing strands of the state standards, it's quite a bit. Keep in mind that there are similarly stringent standards in math, and while science and history aren't quite to this level yet, they will be soon. Also keep in mind that kids need music, art, gym, computer class, recess, and lunch. And we have a whole 180 days to do this in, and most of it takes a ton of repetition to get toward anything resembling mastery for most students. Also consider that you're likely in the top 25% of parents as far as helping along your child's education. English Language Arts Standards » Reading: Literature » Grade 3 | Common Core State Standards Initiative
  17. The difference between $144m and $210m, properly invested, is basically adding another generation of your progeny who can live like royalty, or another three generations who can live better than most of us. That's huge. If I could guarantee that members of my family who won't be born until 2100 would never have to work if they didn't want to, or that they wouldn't have to take college loans, or that they'd never go without, you're ****in A right I hold out for more money. Unless I'm absolutely in love with the team that offered me the sum. Apparently Max wasn't, and that's totally fine.
  18. Cursive is an old solution for an old problem. Everyone types now. I see no reason to teach kids how to write in cursive. I didn't write in cursive from about 1997 to 2009, when I had to copy a paragraph in cursive for GRE registration. That was the most stressful part of the test. There is all kinds of stuff I'd rather have my future incoming English students know than cursive. How about organizing ideas into a coherent argument? How about eliminating weasel words? Logical thinking? Unlearning English misconceptions, such as 'don't use "I" or "you" in formal writing,' or 'don't end your sentences with a preposition,' or 'don't split infinitives,' or 'don't use contractions in formal writing'? I could go on. Cursive is basically useless in the 21st century. As far as handwriting goes: I saw some pretty bad handwriting from the 7th and 8th graders while student teaching, but the fact is that 98% of the important writing that anyone of their generation will do will be typed. It's way more important to teach clear thinking, which is evidenced by clear writing, than satisfying people over the age of 50 who say 'back in my day, we had to learn cursive!'
  19. Do a google search for "crafty left hander."
  20. Huh? No. He's saying that while almost no one would trade for a $175m, 7 year contract for a pitcher on the wrong side of 30, it's entirely possible that someone would trade for a $100m, 4 year contract for a still-effective 35 year old pitcher in 2017, when folks named Kershaw, Strasburg, Harvey, and Fernandez are pulling down $35m a year. The point is that the top of the market goes way up every year or two, and in a few years, $25m a year for a #2-3 quality starter like Scherzer will probably be by age 35 might be reasonable. Remember when Johan broke $20m a year in his prime? Now James Shields is staring down more than that. Not that Shields is a bad pitcher, but Johan was the best of his half-generation. Inflation is real and it's terrifying, but it's also not my money.
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