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  1. I love how this team has sort of been retooling on the fly for almost a decade now. The team has been called old since like 2007. Now, it's a whole new cast of characters, minus Verlander, and people still act like it's the same team. Eventually they'll have to give up the ghost. But they've done a great job of keeping things rolling and not becoming the Phillies.
  2. I think Price has also done a really good job of integrating advanced stuff into his scouting reports about pitchers. You can tell he's reading right off the fangraphs page for arsenals of starters and such. I think he's improved quite a bit over the last seven or eight years. And Dickerson is just the best in the business right now.
  3. I remember in 2009, Grienke was breaking out and Verlander talked to him in KC and asked what to do. Zack said he stopped throwing the 2 seamer because he figured little movement with pinpoint control was better than movement and sloppy control. Then Verlander reeled off that 11 strikeout game against the Yankees, the two Cliff Lee duels, the 13 strikeout game in the Metrodome, etc. So I think it goes back 6 years to him deciding that location was better than movement, and that at the time he couldn't locate the 2 seamer. My guess is that he is throwing a 2 seamer now, and it just doesn't move all that much differently, in which case maybe it's time to find a new grip. I was disappointed with the game in NY because those two of those homers were outs in other parks. But also because 4 years ago, when he had more backspin on his fastball than anyone in the game, they would've been medium depth flyouts rather than 310 footers. That said, I was pretty impressed with both the fastball and curveball, compared to what we saw last year. I think it's going to be an ongoing adjustment period, but I see no reason why he can't get back to days of 200 IP, 8 k/9, 2.5 bb/9, #2-3 type numbers. He's certainly going to do everything he can to put himself in a position where that's possible. You can't question the guy's drive.
  4. Dan and Jim are floored. Said Heyward was tagging up. Of course that wouldn't make any difference. Just a mistake on Heyward's part.
  5. Came here to check if anyone knew about when the tarp was coming off. Stayed to say: happy 60k posts, Yoda.
  6. Did laugh at that one. Big fan of Dan, and I've really come around on Jim over the last several seasons. Sometimes he talks too much, but not lately.
  7. Actually, the company she'll be working for, Genentech, are famous for developing HGH. Maybe she'll get embroiled in a big baseball controversy.
  8. Very happy to have baseball back. Perhaps I'll be around here a bit more this season. Wife's spending the summer working for big pharma in San Francisco, so it might be a beer and brats and baseball on the radio type of summer.
  9. Verlander returns to form, say 225IP with a FIP around 3.25. Castellanos leads the division in doubles. Avila doesn't get a concussion this year. Greene and Simon show us what back end starters are again: between them, they post 400IP with a FIP of 4.25, give or take.
  10. If his OPS is .650 and his defense is as advertised, I'll be pretty happy.
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