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  1. If I said I had sex today with Charlize Theron, it wouldn't be inaccurate.
  2. Still, 4 PPG in 4 minutes is inexcusable.
  3. I'm just gonna try to remember to quote this every day.
  4. And still not the channels I need. Go figure.
  5. You're a traitor. It will be proven.
  6. Affordable for me. I know enough people who it didn't work out for. But it did for me.
  7. BREAKING NEWS!!!! (2008) Lieberman isn't in her party.
  8. Had me at the McPherson up front.
  9. Lol. I agree. That's my point about Clapton. He's the real deal. And I do think you're better.
  10. Flip a coin. Depends on your perspective. Yoda's art is more photo realistic then Da Vinci. Is he better?
  11. Okay, looking back. I just watched some old Clapton stuff. I like the flashy stuff as much as any one but, Clapton is a remarkable guitar player. I've always been a distant fan but this stuff is awesome. Anyone who thinks he is over-rated needs to go back and listen. I disagree that he is overrated. I think he's rated appropriately. Fine, tasteful guitar player. I got my first guitar Christmas of '65. I can play anything Clapton has played. But I can't come up with the stuff he's come up with. And neither can anyone else. If you can...do so.
  12. I guess he should have done it 16000 times louder. Just to prove a point.
  13. Anyone else think Trump is a grown up Eric Cartman?
  14. Woah, don't give away the strategy. Wait for the big reveal.
  15. When youtube tv gets A&E and Comedy Central I'll switch from directv now. First month on Direct tv we blew through our cap in half the month. Netflix Hulu Prime something streaming at all times. Got the unlimited from the cable company and it's way cheaper than the overage charge. I really liked the trial on Youtube but I gotta have those channels.
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