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  1. 14 minutes ago, Blue Square Thing said:

    I think it's probably because they believed it. I think it's likely that every western government did - otherwise they wouldn't all be scrabbling around trying to get their people out of there.

    I know it's crap, but I think everyone expected the Afghan army to put up more of a fight.

    "More" is doing a lot of heavy lifting here.

  2. On 4/20/2021 at 12:38 PM, Biff Mayhem said:

    Hey if an old fart like TigertownRats can do it, so can you. And it's less expensive these days for quality equipment. Once you get to the point where you're spending 4k on guitars etc, then you'd better be a full time touring musician.

    Heck, look at it this way, I've been playing 42 years and play live three times a month and the vast majority of my guitars cost me 400 or less. There are practice amps called "amplug" that can be picked up cheap too. Realistically you can grab a Squier or Epiphone guitar and a headphone amp for less than $500 and you'd be way further along than when me, Pfife and Yoda began on crap equipment because the quality of beginner instruments was so bad back then.

    I got my first guitar for Christmas '65. The only thing it said was on the back of the headstock "Made in republic of South Africa". It was the the coolest thing I ever got. My mom bought it at Montgomery Wards for $19.95. I slept with it.

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  3. 34 minutes ago, MichiganCardinal said:

    Got my first Moderna dose yesterday morning and the thing is still trying to take me down. Body aches, 100+ fever, chills, nausea, checking all the boxes. I haven't been this "sick" in probably five years or more. Has me worried for the second dose that I know is worse. Annoying for sure, but hopefully tomorrow morning I'll be over the hill.

    That really sucks. Had my second Pfizer yesterday and zero effects. Not even a sore arm.

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