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  1. According to Chad Ford (on ESPN Insider), Memphis may be interested in a Prince for Rudy Gay swap.
  2. Seconded. Thanks for taking care of this, drownwithyou, and great job!
  3. With the last pick, I choose FSD play-by-play man, George Blaha.
  4. Here's a pretty good site... busersports.com - fantasy basketball information, analysis, and discussion
  5. I'm in. Can't do worse than my pick of Curry last year.
  6. When Rick Leach started as a true freshman in 1975, Michigan was a preseason #3. Michigan was 7/8 when Henne started a few years ago.
  7. This same lists pops up every once in a while as the supposed list. There is some more discussion of it here.
  8. orlando magic, rashard lewis, postive,steroids -- OrlandoSentinel.com
  9. Good to see he's working out hard this summer... How Matthew Stafford Is Spending His Summer Vacation
  10. The only thing I can figure is that NO thinks it'll be easier to move Okafor for cap relief. This should pretty much solidify MJ as the worst front office guy since Isiah, no?
  11. In exactly which part of my post did I say there was anything wrong with it? I was just amused that a few days after a page long argument judging the quality of their FA signings over the years, their next pickup was the Rattler. As for the move itself, I think its fine. I'm sure it'll get Duncan rest and save him from some abuse in the post in the weeks leading up to the playoffs. But thanks for assuming I didn't know why they signed him. Its always good to have somebody around with such a vast basketball knowledge to point all us peons in the right direction.
  12. This made me laugh after the recent discussion regarding Spurs big FA/trade moves. Theo Ratliff signs with Spurs; add another veteran big man | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News
  13. Not the same. If Dumars had the #1 pick and taken Darko over Lebron it'd be one thing. As good as Carmelo, Wade, and Bosh are, none of them are Duncan or Lebron. Everybody in the NBA knew who was going to be drafted first in 1997 and 2003 long before they knew which team would be drafting. If Pops had the #2 pick in that draft and had picked somebody like Van Horn or Billups, he's have been out of a job a long time ago.
  14. Its expected to be announced today that New York, LA, and Dallas will be the next to get their own ESPN local sites. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/20/business/media/20espn.html?_r=1
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