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  1. Lakeland, WMI and Erie start their final 6-game series tomorrow; all done Sun. FCL done Sat. Toledo has 3 more weeks.
  2. Per Lynn, Jobe and Madden have left Lakeland until Feb so no 2021 appearance for either, or the other 7 pitchers drafted who have not appeared; Petit, Haase and Anderson all getting a few innings.
  3. TB and Dodgers model is to go deep and wide, not top heavy, so having 11 good position players is not seen as a problem. LAD had a top 5 SS and traded for another one.
  4. losing with an incompetent head coach who is likeable, sukks as much as losing with an incompetent head coach who is unlikeable
  5. getting to the point where the flexibility to use the $10M you would spend on Boyd in 2022, will be worth a lot more than having Boyd around
  6. perfect event for such a repulsive human to attend on 9/11's 20th anniversary; would probably be doing this if he had been re-elected
  7. he is 22 in Dec, so he really should be tearing it up in FCL. no 2020 makes most of these J2 people even more unknown than before.
  8. valid points, but those "good" seasons are MVP caliber good, and they were 2 of the last 3 years
  9. the "sign Marcus Semien for a reasonable amount" plan is not looking good, as he already has 6.1 WAR
  10. yeah, no doubt, "We added Tucker Barnhart so we couldn't address SS" would be beyond infuriating.
  11. we just don't know how much Ilitch will spend. But it would be just a one year outlay, and in 2023 they would be back spending very little at C, with pre-arbitration money (if that system remains) to Haase, Rogers, and Dingler.
  12. Logan Shore is having a strong finish to a good season; really nice numbers since his IL stint. He needs to be added to the 40 this winter so maybe just bring him up for a few appearances now. last 31 innings: 2.90 era/2.19 fip
  13. Stavenhagen suggested the guy I think they should target - Tucker Barnhart. 2 GG, LH bat on his final year, gives way to Rogers, Dingler and Haase in 2023. $7.5M might be more than they want to pay though. https://theathletic.com/2814944/2021/09/09/what-jake-rogers-tommy-john-surgery-means-for-the-tigers-road-ahead/ ($)
  14. Burnes will win NL Cy Young but what Max is doing at 37 is nuts. Crazy good.
  15. I looked it up, because I thought Miggy hits better when playing the field, but surprised at huge difference in 2021: 1B: .305 .394 .483 .878 DH :228 .279 .348 .627
  16. Kreidler 2-3, 2b, IBB. when is he going to cool off?
  17. AJ knows what he is doing, but not sure why Willi gets so much rope when they cut bait with Stewart, JaCoby, Mazara, Ramos, .. I will note that Candelario was really bad a few years ago, and they stuck with him, but the team cannot afford to that in 2022 with Willi. He is the Daniel Norris of the MIF
  18. pro-insurrection groups will be having another rally September 18, but not just in DC
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