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  1. ??? Ryan and Strotman slot at 6 and 13 in the Twins organization prospect list.
  2. TB is both buying and selling; would be nice to have faith in the Tigers front office to do something like that correctly
  3. if no one else really wants him, what's the price for Trevor Story?
  4. frenzy https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-executives-expectations-for-the-2021-trade-deadline
  5. i had to look that up too. An unearned run is any run that scored because of an error or a passed ball. Oftentimes, it is the judgment of the official scorer as to whether a specific run would've scored without the defensive mishap. The purpose of the unearned run is to distinguish which runs a pitcher is at fault for allowing.
  6. Al has made a lot of mistakes, but he sure got this one right
  7. 4, 5, 6, 8 have signed underslot, leaving cash for Maddden and Pacheco
  8. yeah, it all falls to Avila, the good and the bad. LOTS OF BAD on his ledger, but recently, the good has far outstripped the bad.
  9. He also had that same guy at 23 on his board
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