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  1. also, in 4th place by a full game; and ahead of Colorado as well; 28th place!
  2. Agree; he was saying throw strikes and live with results; don't walk anyone at that point in the game
  3. Christin Stewart was a solid minor league player, until they found he could not catch up to big league heat. If Tork is having trouble with High A fastballs, that is a really bad sign.
  4. but the hustle on that HR was a great example to the kids
  5. Rocker's velo has been all over the place https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-kumar-rocker-velocity-roller-coaster/
  6. Huge problem. Don't forget that Dylan Rosa is up from Erie as well, and Danny Woodrow will be coming off the DL soon.
  7. Manning rocked, cannot make it out of the 2nd inning: S, HR, K, S, BB, HR, BB, BB, done
  8. someone named Yariel Gonzalez, who just got called up from Erie, hit a grand slam in the 1st inning for Toledo
  9. Rehab for wrist will be in Toledo soon
  10. if they continue to score more runs than the other team, they should win a few games
  11. Perez placed on release waivers https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/05/tigers-select-eric-haase-release-franklin-perez.html
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