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  1. The big difference to me is (and I may be wrong here) Melky actually failed a test and was using last year during the season. Peralta's "infractions" are from the past...maybe even before he was with the tigers and as far as I know he has never failed a test...personally I think they welcome him back and he plays if eligible.
  2. Was flipping channels just now and caught the tail end of clubhouse confidential. Cameron happened to be on, going over this list. The host got after him a little bit over the pujols exclusion and fielder inclusion. (just thought it was kind of funny since this mirning i read this entire thread and then later catch a similar discussion on tv a little while later) Sent from my Zack Morris cell phone
  3. it's so annoying. give it a break already guy. and don't give me this crap about needing to ask these kind of questions to be a good journalist.
  4. ^^ that's sharp has anyone here seen the tiger "hulk fists"? While watching the minnesota series I saw a couple people wearing them. Instead of a green hulk fist, one was blue with a white old english d and the other was "skin" color with the old english d. I've been looking online but haven't been able to locate one yet.
  5. exactly, i've never been a todd jones supporter but good grief people.
  6. porcello http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md4vs1lZtKU
  7. i was thinking that as well. i wouldn't boo ben if i was at the palace, but i definitely agree with most of this post.
  8. exactly, dude is completely clueless, how he still has a freaking show is beyond me. grap is pretty weak as a whole when it comes to sports talk radio.
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