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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the Tigers had the #1 pick that they select Mayer. But there were probably focused on Jobe for so long, they just fell in love with him more and more.
  2. I would have preferred Mayer but don't hate this pick. I much preferred Jobe to House.
  3. Win-Win if you ask me between if we land Leiter or Mayer. Not sure if the Tigers feel that way though.
  4. What does this mean for Mayer? I would much rather have Mayer than House and there was speculation at various times the Tigers really like Mayer. We may get lucky.
  5. If this is accurate...wow! Don't think I have seen him mentioned once for the first overall pick.
  6. This is interesting. Is the prevailing thought that it is easier to hit on hitters in the mid rounds than pitchers? If that's the case, then I would say Leiter or Jobe should be the pick. Not sure if that is accurate though.
  7. Also, on Davis, I know the Tigers are not going to draft him because I have not seen anybody connect the Tigers to him. But if he is available, it appears this would be our last chance to draft a premium college bat for a while. Take him.
  8. It appears Manning and Greene are going to work out but when you are in the top 3 and there is potentially a top college player available, I have a hard time believing the high school kid is the better pick unless it's clear he is the better prospect. Once you get past Mayer (and it sounds like he is not a normal #1 pick), it seems like scouts are all over the board. But Davis and Leiter both seem like pretty deserving top of the draft college players and I think you just take whatever one of those two guys falls to you. In a typical year, once you get past 5, then the high upside high school kid makes more sense because there is a drop off in the level of college prospect and I think that basically holds true this year. I'd take a high school player before Rocker but it sounds to me that Leiter and Davis are a tier above and excellent options in the top 3.
  9. I hope we are not drafting House because shortstop is a weak position in the system. The chances of him staying there appear slim to me. I'd prefer Jobe personally if we are going to go high upside high school kid.
  10. If they don't sign one of the big names at shortstop, just give Zack Short another year. The average will not be good but you get plus defense and he has got some pop. If it doesn't work out, then you can somebody to stabilize the position in 2023 but I think Short is worth the gamble if you don't go out and get a guy like Story.
  11. The SGA trade would be tempting, no doubt, but I think I would pass. The goal is to get a franchise player. SGA is great and obviously the safer bet but is he going to get to the level of best player on a championship team? If the answer is likely not, then take your chances with Cade and live with the results, even if it is much riskier.
  12. Wiseman is one year away from being the #2 overall pick. Grant is only signed for 2 more years. I get going all in but it would be a tough pill to swallow for them to trade Wiseman and the #7 for Grant. I don't really care for Wiseman either but I think you do this if you are the Pistons. Some team will be enamored with Wiseman in the next 12 months and give you something for him.
  13. I'm on record saying I would keep it and take Cade. But I'm just saying at some point it becomes an odds game. You get Cade or Mobley/Green plus three first rounders. Mobley and Green are also great prospects and it would not be surprising at all if one of them ended up the best player in this draft class. If you have three first round picks, odds are one of them is going to be a good starter.
  14. We just got Bey and Stewart in the middle of the first round last year. And there is a chance you get lucky. Giannis went 15th overall. Devin Booker went #13. Paul George went #10. Donovan Mitchell with #13. The #2 pick plus three additional first rounders is a lot of ammo and chances are you going to get at least one star and maybe two stars out of that mix. The question is how do you value Cade Cunningham relative to Mobley and Green. The more I read up on Cunningham, the more I like him over those guys. So I would probably not do it either.
  15. I actually think Stewart is a physical freak himself. He's got a 7'4 wingspan to go along with his chiseled frame. And as Del said, he can switch outside. Like Ben Wallace, he has excellent mobility. I get that we don't want to compare him to Ben Wallace because that is just not fair but an honest assessment does lend itself to a very promising future and it should be at the center position. I would hate to waste him at forward because there are so many skilled, multi dimensional forwards out there. For example, Jerami Grant. Or possibly Sekou down the road. Plus, I just don't think he creates the same matchup advantages at power forward that he does for us at center.
  16. Seems like at least one of Greene, Torkelson, or Dingler has a big game on a nightly basis.
  17. Isn't Lemahieu one of the guys teams cite as an example of this? I have been on the Story bandwagon a while and this season has nothing to change that. The down year was actually making me think he might come at a bit of a bargain price but he is starting to get hot now. Seagar is not realistic and I would choose Story before Correa.
  18. I apologize if this was discussed already but I wonder if the Tigers wanted to get Manning to the big leagues so Fetter could work closer with him. It's hard to argue with the results they have had with Mize and Skubal. Both guys have had their struggles but both seem to be on track to reach their potential. If they hit 3 for 3 on Mize, Skubal, and Manning, that would be a huge success for the Tigers organization. I'm sure there are bound to be injuries at some point but I am just talking from a success standpoint.
  19. Especially when I didn't hear a peep about him being cancelled from previous jobs.
  20. I like Scottie Barnes but I learned my lesson with Michael Kidd Gilchrist. Even at 6, don’t think I’d want him.
  21. As far as production tapering off, I think his final numbers are a pretty good reflection of what he is. He shot 35% from three on the season and that was down from his previous 2 seasons, which you would expect with the increased volume and focus of other teams. Same with his FG%. I think those number could go back up as the Pistons add more talent around him and he improves his shot selection. He is definitely more of a role player on a contender but that is fine. I think the Pistons knew going in they were asking a lot more of him than he is capable of but that is where we are at right now as an organization.
  22. I would think Grant would have a lot more trade value this offseason than next offseason when he is only a year from free agency. If the right offer came along, I wouldn't hesitate. But I also think there is probably some value in having a veteran that can play to go along with the young guys and winning a few extra games the next two seasons, even if he is not around when we are a championship contender. I would be surprised if something happened in the offseason. More likely at the deadline. I think Weaver will be asking for a premium.
  23. He's a nice player but right hand heavy. Not sure I would trade up for him when we got Diallo and Fred Jackson as similar talents.
  24. I would encourage everyone to watch this. He is a very bright kid and it really shows when he is breaking down the film.
  25. I wonder if this is a little bit like the Lebron draft. Lebron was the safe #1 pick but if you are an over-thinker, you could also have made the case for Carmelo. This year, I think Mobley and Green are like are like Carmelo where they are good enough to make case for #1 but really you just need to make the obvious pick and draft Cade. Don't really have a Darko in this draft though. Of course, it doesn't always work out that way. Cade Cunningham could be Glenn Robinson and Mobley/Green could be the better players like Jason Kidd and Grant Hill.
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