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  1. Cabrera's got his average up to .261 now. I am becoming more and more confident he will keep his career average at .300 or better. I was getting worried for a minute there when he got off to such a horrible start this year.
  2. Even if he is well ahead of Cameron as a player, I don't think he has done enough to make me want to keep him over Cameron. When you are talking a below average player either way, I would take the guy with a more upside.
  3. He made that look easy. You know you are special when you can do that.
  4. Agreed. It's the reality of the situation, even if I don't agree with it. I expect him back for at least 2022. We'll see how next year goes before making any predictions on 2023.
  5. Whatever Baddoo turns out to be, I think you give him everyday at bats next year to find out. The downside is I don't really like him as a centerfielder but with Grossman still signed for one more year, I think that is where you got to play him next year. I agree shortstop is an obvious position to look at upgrading but that could change in the next 6 weeks depending in how Kreidler finishes the year. I would add DH to the conversation as well. Nobody talks about this because it is just assumed Cabrera has it locked down but if he hits 500 this year (which seems almost a given), I think you have to strongly consider moving on from him. I don't know what average DH production is but I would think Cabrera is well below it at this point.
  6. I went back and looked at his draft scouting reports and defense was his calling card. Most guys his size get projected to eventually end up at third base. And while I did see a few people mention this with Kreidler, overall it seemed like scouts thought he was going to be able to handle shortstop at the big league level. There are always guys that add a pitch or make an adjustment in their batting stance/hitting approach that completely changes their value. Happens in baseball more than any other sport. I don't know if this is happening with Kreidler but it would not be all that surprising if it did.
  7. I've been hellbent for Story all summer as well but I have to admit Kreidler is making me re-consider. I know that sounds absurd but the reality of sports is that circumstances change all the time and teams must adapt. I'd still be okay with Story but I wonder if the Tigers would be better signing Verlander instead and then if Kreidler doesn't take another step forward next year, look for a shortstop in 2023. I also am finding it harder to ignore Story's home/road splits.
  8. Even though it is a fairly obvious move I think with Candelario blocking him, I was not sure if the Tigers were committed to Candelario at third or possibly would have even considered moving Candelario to first. This tells me they are committed to Jeimer at third and I am happy about that.
  9. I am guessing it's already been mentioned in this thread but Kreidler's OPS has gone up every month this year. I am getting more and more excited about him. 6 weeks in Toledo is not going to mean much for Greene or Torkelson as far as prospect rankings but I think Kreidler really has a chance to move up some lists if he performs well in Toledo.
  10. If you don’t want to buy Garza, that is fair. But Saben Lee has tape from last season. I think he should be in a different category. For me, I am a buyer on Garza. Not a buyer of Pickett. Time will tell. Not every guy in summer league who plays above expectations is going to bust next winter though.
  11. I am on the Saben Lee bandwagon. Love him as the spark plug for the second unit.
  12. Pickett is interesting. He shot 37% from three on 4 attempts per game last year. He also shot 39% on two's so that tells me his shot selection inside the arc is terrible. For comparisons sake, Livers was 49% from two the last couple of years.
  13. I would like to see Hayes without Cade (and vice versa). I know I have been hard on Hayes because I don't really see him a good fit with Cade but I was actually somewhat open minded about him before we got the #1 pick. Bummer that they are both out at the same time.
  14. I think people are overly negative about Garza's defense because he played for Iowa and I don't think Iowa spent any time in practice on defense. He does not give up easy baskets. Not saying he will be a plus defender but I think average is easily attainable.
  15. I give it less than 10 games into the regular season before they realize their best five does not include Cade and Killian together. They may continue to both start past that but I doubt you see them together much in crunch time past 10 games into the season. I know they are trying to convince everybody that those two guys can play together and maximize each other's talent but I'm not buying.
  16. I thought Sam Mitchell said it best. Cade was getting to his spots but he just needs to add strength to finish those plays inside the arc. In the meantime, his passing and shooting will have to hold him over.
  17. I agree. I thought he played well. I know it's only 3 games in Summer League but it sure seems like he can help an NBA team in a meaningful way.
  18. If the plan is to call Tork up at some point next year, then I think it’s going to have to be at first base. I don’t see the Tigers moving Jeimer or benching him.
  19. I am actually really excited about Jackson. I would start him. Not a traditional point guard and he's not big enough to guard most wings. But I think the spike in three point percentage last year was legit as he has a nice looking stroke and he was a good shooter at Duke. A starting lineup of Jackson, Cade, Bey, Grant, and Stewart would be one to get excited about IMO.
  20. That sounds all well and good but I think you are beating the odds if it works out well for the Pistons. To quote Del, it's a big ask wanting him to be a competent shooter. If Hayes becomes a good starter, it's likely to be on the strength of his passing, mid range game, and defense. I'd much rather have a shooter next to Cade, even if we give up some passing and mid range efficiency.
  21. Just want to clarify that part of my impatience with Killian stems from getting Cade. If we had landed Mobley, it would be a different story. I just think landing Cade has changed the way we should view Killian's fit going forward.
  22. Yeah...I think he will have to rely on some craftiness, which he has shown. I agree the strength will help as well. And defenders have to play tight defense with his ability rise up and shoot so effectively so that gives him an extra advantage that another guy might not have. If he proves himself a high percentage jump shooter, you can't give him space.
  23. Just because Austin Daye was fools gold in summer league doesn't mean it doesn't have value for other guys. If Killian's future is a backup point guard in this league, that's a pretty big disappointment a year removed from being the 7th overall pick. And I am not sure it is even an upgrade over Saben Lee being your backup point guard right now. Like I said, I think he is a poor fit right now for the Pistons.
  24. Bey has been poor but he still looks better than Hayes and Sekou. Plus, Bey doesn't need to prove himself like those guys. If Sekou isn't worthy of minutes this year, that is a problem. If not now, his contract is going to run out before he becomes relevant in Detroit. Haye's issue is more fit than anything. I am down on him but I do think he needs a full season of regular playing time to really make a good judgement on him. Doesn't change my opinion though that I want shooters around Cade and I don't think Hayes is a good fit because he is a long way off from being a passable shooter.
  25. Cade is used to this. He had a bunch of crappy shooters around him at Oklahoma State. Sounds like Frank Jackson was re-signed today so thank goodness for that. Now I can go watch his highlights from last year to make me feel better.
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