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  1. I think Sekou may get first crack as Grant's backup. Unless the Pistons trade him. I would be surprised if they kept him around and didn't play him this year. This is kind of it for him. Cade could back up Bey, unless I am forgetting somebody else has those minutes already.
  2. I’m hoping Livers is our version of Duncan Robinson. I’m wondering if the weak spot on this team right now is point guard. I know Cade is projected to help there but when I look at the starting lineup, Hayes is the guy that worries me most.
  3. I don't mind the second round picks. Livers has a clean shot that he gets off quick and I don't think NBA range will bother him. He will be the coveted floor spacer. Garza should be able to score against backup big men. I'll be curious whether his three point shot will carry over to the NBA. With what Weaver has done the last 9 months, I think these second round picks make good sense.
  4. Do you really think Plumlee was going to be a bitchy vet? I kind of doubt that.
  5. I don't think this has anything to do with trying to find more minutes for Stewart. That could have easily been accomplished with Plumlee on the team. It's not like Plumlee needs a lot of minutes.
  6. It does feel like another significant piece is going to be added yet this offseason. I don't think it is going to be Cade and then nothing more of relevance.
  7. I guess the Lakers had to try something but I am not convinced acquiring Westbrook is the answer.
  8. Has anybody had more lottery luck than Cleveland the last 20 years? Of course the year they get the #3 pick Mobley is available.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if the guy Weaver would have taken at 37 is still available at 57. That's how things go in the second round of the NBA draft.
  10. I would imagine that extra 8 million will be more important next summer than this summer.
  11. I agree Jackson's trade value is probably little to nothing. I also don't see how he fits on this team. Too many other wings I'd rather give the minutes to once we draft Cade.
  12. If he can somehow get to 500 home runs this year, it makes it much easier to cut him in the offseason, even if he doesn't have 3000 hits yet. At least I think it does
  13. I think they want to keep him for 3000 hits and 500 homes runs. That makes the beginning of next year interesting because there is going to be some expectations and hope going into the season for the first time in a while. Do you run Cabrera out there every day so he can hit those milestones as a Tiger or do you do what helps you win the most? I do think there are undoubtedly better options. Renato Nunez would probably be a better option right now.
  14. It's still crazy to me that Cabrera's power has been sapped to this degree. He can still hit line drives. But anything hit hard to the outfield seems to die at or near the warning track and has no lift. For a guy his size, it just doesn't make sense.
  15. Seems like it's been a while since we have seen Cabrera lace a ball that far down in the zone.
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