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  1. If Killian Hayes ends up a bust, at least he is helping us improve our lottery chances this year. Seriously though, get that guy a shooting coach in the offseason and rebuild his jump shot.
  2. I'll be curious to see how he does in the G League. He'll probably get a chance in the NBA at some point but I think his career will be very underwhelming.
  3. The going rate to move up into the first round from pick 41 is not anywhere close to a late round pick. It's a lot more than that. So I would imagine the discussions were about more than just a late round pick if they were serious discussions.
  4. I do think there has been some bad luck with Cabrera. It's not just Thome or Beltre. Other guys that come to mind are Frank Thomas, David Ortiz, and Nelson Cruz. And when you are a great hitter, I would guess it raises your chances of being somewhat respectable in your mid to late 30's. If you take out his 148 at bats in 2018, he has not had an OPS over .800 since his age 33 season.
  5. I was kind of wondering the same thing. Every time I checked the box score lately, I have not been impressed. But if you look as his game log, it's really just his three point shooting that is falling off. Not really worried about that long term but as good as he is free throw shooting, might be wise for him to work on getting some shots closer to the basket.
  6. I don't follow baseball as close as many of you but I thought he made an interesting point. If you pitch up in the zone, you should complement it more with a curveball than a split. All I know is hitters were not offering at his split last year and it caused a lot of problems for him. Anybody have an idea how much he used his splitter last night? Ultimately, it comes to down to command and when you combine that with Mize's stuff, you get a performance like last night 3rd inning on.
  7. I feel like Isaiah Stewart is often so close to making a play on defense and the other team just always finds a way to get a basket over or around him somehow. His age and wingspan give me hope for the future though.
  8. For Grant, that Bulls game is sandwiched between a stretch of games where he is finishing with poor field goal percentages. Seems to me that teams are adjusting and putting a lot of focus on him. He's not a guy that gets his own shot or creates for others with ease. He's a very good player but I would be surprised if he can maintain his current shooting percentages with what is being asked of him.
  9. With Griffin and Sekou out, the Pistons get smaller and quicker. Jerami Grant becomes the power forward, which is probably good for the team. Right now, Bey is playing power forward. We really need Sekou and/or Hayes to pan out like it appears Bey is going to pan out. It's amazing how much it helps having your first round picks live up to their potential.
  10. We are going to end up at the back end of the lottery again. Sigh.
  11. I guess it depends on who gets the replacement minutes. I don't think Sekou is very good right now either so that is the ideal situation because we need to find out if he can be a player anyways. Some of Rose's minutes are going to go to DSJ. I don't there is anyway you can convince me that the Pistons are better with DSJ on the court than Derrick Rose. But I would agree that if it means more minutes for Jackson, Bey, and Svi, then that actually becomes a NET gain for the Pistons. We need Hayes back to eat those minutes.
  12. I have a bad feeling that we are not going to end up with one of three worst records. As bad as Griffin is, I am sure he gives the Pistons a better chance at winning than Sekou. We have to get him off this team. We have too many guys that can keep us respectable now, especially if Bey is hot.
  13. Is it really much better competition? The only other guy I know of in the G league besides the lottery picks you mentioned is Zavier Simpson, plus Isaiah Todd. Granted, Zavier Simpson is probably still a top half Big Ten player. But the style of game is different in college and that pack line defense that college coaches play really forces kids to test the limits of their versatility in scoring. There is a lot of value in that, even if that is not what you are going to see in the NBA.
  14. He'd probably be riding the pine. He's not even listed in ESPN's latest mock draft. I don't know what kind of player development the G League provides. Do they play hard on defense? Has anybody watched any games?
  15. Crap. I love Bey but wish Casey kept him on the bench so we can lose.
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