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  1. The biggest problem with this post is that you want to solve one problem (over paying JV long term) and then create the exact same problem by overpaying Max long term when the odds are the exact same thing will happen to max, Pitchers don't have 10 year windows of greatness, it's 3-4 then they are average at best
  2. Surprise: I think it'll be Joba, he'll fit nicely into the setup role without any pressure Disappointment: Kinsler. I think too many people think he's a .290-30 guy and in reality he was a .255-30 guy and that was in Texas. He'll hit .245-16 and everyone will hate him except the girls buying jersey t-shirts
  3. I agree with you on lineup protection. But even 7th in the Al is at worst average, the word terrible doesn't fit there. You might as well be a talking head on the radio who likes to over speak everything to get attention. as for lineup protection, I don't think it's as big as people make it out to be, but put Don Kelly batting after Miggy all year and he'll have a .575 OBP. Protection is more in how the lineup is laid out and what opposing managers can do in late innings, a guy like Victor protects prince some becase they cant just roll out a lefty everytime
  4. Kinsler has shown 2000+ at bats worth of not being able to hit outside of Texas, so whether or not Infante was a fluke, doesn't change that Kinsler's production was home ballpark induced. Hopefully he can adjust his swign and get on base a bit more now that he's not in Texas full time
  5. we start with Kinslers career numbers away from texas of 242/312/399 that war will be less than 1 next year
  6. .290/371/499, .268/346/379, .268/354/441 career against LAA, Oak and Sea
  7. If they resign Max, it'll be the worst move they could make. Need to move him while his value is higher than it'll ever be
  8. Kinsler will make Infante look like Rod Carew with his hitting outside of Texas
  9. 242/312/399 love any of those numbers? Kinsler's career away from Texas/
  10. so all these stats with "asterisks" that nobody gives any credit to doesn't do that already? The stats are almost meaningless already, look at the numbers of these guys getting less than 25% votes to the hall, if A-rod had 245 homeruns right now because they erased 400 of them (I didn't look up the actual #) at least when it was time to get in the hall, there's reason to not let them in besides opinions.
  11. Agree on this on, for the most part I'm guessing Jim's more interesting rejecting the question that he would be if he actually answered it
  12. He's being asked questions about his team, that he gets paid to manage. His level of salary was only brought up because he gets paid millions to sit an manage a game and gets pissy about a few questions.
  13. might not be officially obligated but it goes with the job
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