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  1. Rooney had a world-class 2011-12 then had Robin Van Persie and Shinji Kagawa come in as replacements in his preferred roles, because some combination of Sir Alex being pissed Rooney played hardball to get a big contract / Manchester United corporate organization wanting to push him out because his contract is huge and while he's a wonderful player now he might not be halfway through a new contract extension. In deference to Van Persie he's been played all over the pitch in the last year and frequently subbed out of games, even coming off the bench in the Champions League against Madrid. Had Mancini fallen out with such an influential player, he'd be decimated by the English press corps. Sir Alex does it and Rooney is blamed.
  2. I don't know or care, the headline says gas prices to remain low, immediately the article communicates to the reader that 'low' is in relation to last summer.
  3. Presenting the headline "U.S. Gas Prices Expected To Remain Low For Summer" with an accusation said headline is propaganda is itself propaganda for a paranoid right-wing viewpoint. The article, first paragraph: "Drivers will find this summer's gas prices are lower than last year's, the result of a spike in crude oil production. Government forecasters say a gallon of regular gasoline will cost about $3.50 this summer — a slide of more than 10 cents from last year."
  4. The basics of operating a firearm are not difficult. I tend to believe the negatives in giving deadly force to kids outweigh any supposed benefit to early training.
  5. You're not doing the LGBT community a favor by using gay or faggot in a derogatory context.
  6. If you use anti-gay slurs you are insensitive to the impact on LGBT people. Consider what the word 'insensitive' means, as in, not sensitive. If you are ignorant and don't mean it as a put down of various sexual orientations that is still insensitive.
  7. As a defender, if he is backing me down I probably put my thigh or knee into him and also my arm into his back. No need for discomfort there! Boxing out, though... an old coach used to yell at us, "Butts to nuts! Butts to nuts!" I don't take your question as bigoted or immature, but the only reasonable answer seems to be to get on with the game and assume your opponent is simply trying to win and doesn't have sexual intent during the competition. If they do have sexual intent they can hardly act on it during a game anyway.
  8. Understandable: rich people own Congress, and don't mind their money being used on Defense. The deficit is Very Important only when it comes to messing over the common man.
  9. Chris Kluwe: I'm the 'best punter in Vikings history' - NFL.com Best not upset the NFL moneymaking machine...
  10. He has a big leg and can handle kickoffs as well. On average 2 punters are drafted each year, successful franchises like the Patriots, Saints and Steelers have taken punters in the 5th or higher.
  11. Here's a tweet from Denninger that caught my eye The Founders weren't gods. It's been hundreds of years since they walked the Earth. Learn from the past and progress rather than submitting yourself as inferior IMO. At the very least consider that some of the Founders committed deviant acts like the rape of slaves. "But that's just how it was back then" exactly, they lacked crucial wisdom. Anyway, back to that recent gun control article So the government can regulate guns in lots of ways. Background checks, waiting periods, even partial bans of specific models if the right is otherwise protected. By my reading of his logic. Yet this all started because of his anger at the idea of "'reasonable' gun control" and specifically background checks for all guns. He said universal background checks would "destroy the 2nd Amendment" An America where one can buy a fully automatic M4 at 7-11 in 5 minutes without any background checks has more or less spree killings than now?
  12. The natural right to self-defense underpins the right to keep and bear arms. From there society can decide "shall not be infringed" means A) government cannot regulate weapons whatsoever B) government can regulate weapons but an individual's right to self-defense must be respected. Denninger seems to go with A) while society has gone with B). A pattern of argument I see sometimes is, argue in absolutist terms about government not being able to infringe in this area, then when its put to these people that their absolute logic would lead to presumably undesirable consequences like private nuclear stockpiles, get pissed off. "The conversation quickly degenerated when he started with the 'So you're for private ownership of nukes, right?' crap" ha. edit: I meant to add, generally speaking the arguments about natural law and government having no right are invoked to argue against specific gun control measures. But the arguments themselves tend to apply such that all gun control is illegal, which hardly anyone believes or wants.
  13. "People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices." - Adam Smith
  14. I imagine older brother groomed younger brother based on age. To say anything more... based on what? It's ok to admit to not knowing. 19 year old commits terrorist attacks, I don't know him, but let me volunteer, he was such a good guy! Actually, his composite suggests to me he is a pathetic moron.
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