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  1. Little Victor with a hit! He's finally here.
  2. I like him too. But ironically, one of his comps in the '20 Baseball Prospectus (the year after he hit 31 hr's) was, you guessed it, Wilson Betemit.
  3. Didn't Miggy play a part in Ramos' release from his kidnappers way back?
  4. Max has always been the cooler of the two.
  5. Look, you may love Rush, but I'm sure there may be some liberals on the board who don't care for Mr. Limbaugh. Let's be sensitive.
  6. Bud Lynch was a big man from what I recall.
  7. He put the DH in the National League. Yeah.
  8. Is there any other sport where salaries vary per team like they do in baseball? What Tampa did was incredible. Doing what they did with such limited financial resources? Sorry LA, Tampa's the story here.
  9. When Ted Garvin coached the Toledo Goaldiggers, he threw his dentures on the ice at least once.
  10. I'm pretty sure that I heard that the last thing Gardy said before he left town was that he did not want to be replaced before the election.
  11. Bochy and Gardy were teammates on the Tidewater Tides in the early 80's. Just sayin'.
  12. You're going to have to help us here. Is the connection Galveston 'cause it's close to Houston? Never mind. I get it now. kenny Rogers. Dave Campbell was on the '68 Tigers BTW.
  13. Bernie was good but he holds or used to hold too many post season records. It was mostly because he played the most post season games.
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