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  1. Nice boat. Looks like the S.S. Minnow. Sorry you couldn't keep it off the rocks. Must be depressing for you.
  2. hmmm really? weren't they like 14th in goals scored? goals against were mediocre at best maybe 12th or so? Anyway, that's not good is it? especially if you think the Wings "may" only need a "tweaking" with a couple of D then they might be a playoff contender again?! I hope you're right lol
  3. You manipulated a season's worth of data? This past season? What data did you manipulate that supports your statement that all the Wings really need is a couple of decent D men and all will be good and they'll be back to their winning ways again, a perennial play off favorite?
  4. Of course this is only because you like the Red Wings ... ? just wondering. lol
  5. Agree but something else they need are a couple gritty offensive wingers who are capable and willing to carry the puck into the offensive zone without taking the safe route to the outside along the boards where they are either moved off the puck in the corners by opposing players or forced to take low grade fluff shots at the net . This team is not a puck possession team and its time someone realized that.
  6. We could have used him last night. Might have made the difference.
  7. If its any consolation, the Kings are going to destroy the Hawks. Kings for the Cup!
  8. Has anyone heard anything about Filpula / injury? He went down hard on his back on the Shaw take down and was seen limping off to the dressing room in a bad. Obviously doesn't matter now from the game standpoint, but I'd sure hate to have it turn out to be a serious injury.
  9. Nope. Not giving Holland or Company a pass on this one. Been three years and someone had to see it coming. Hasnt' it? What are we paying these guys for?
  10. haha. No its not enough. So What? I think you're an angry person. Why direct your anger at Howson. Why Not Holland, which is where you really have a problem right now. Right/ Howson is just doing what he needs to do. Doesn't make him a bad GM. You didn't like his moves? Pretty sure he was just trying to improve his team. Get a grip:speech:
  11. Are your predictions any more accurate or reliable than MCSs?
  12. I'll be seeing my parade and Stanley Cup in Grand Ledge in a couple weeks. Won't miss it. The chances of seeing it again anywhere in Michigan in my lifetime are becoming slimmer by the day.
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