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  1. The last one I saw was Harry Shearer. Then I had to expand it more.
  2. I saw Phil Collins but not Frey. Collins is what made me think of Frey. Maybe he was updating it while I read it. kind of a given with Collins given the use of In the Air Tonight.
  3. That was great. No mention of Glen Frey but I wonder if that’s too well known?
  4. Trumps only motive is money and fame. He’s not a strongman. He’s a brand. With the fundamentalists he found customers and in him they found someone with the skill to navigate and transform the electorate so that 44% can govern if the chips fall right.
  5. I am starting to think it’s the followers leading trump. These crazies were always there and now they had a guy represent their craziness. At the front of the group are the fringe evangelicals
  6. Regarding the media… sports leagues today don’t need the media. They have their own branded media, mlb/nfl/nhl networks and their local TV production partners. Local media is just there to be tolerated but their significance is waning.
  7. Jeez. I thought the Cuomo stuff was from years ago… that kind of activity occurs from people who feel they are invincible and I have to think in NY politics Cuomos think that.
  8. I don’t think this meme does what the author thinks it does.
  9. Mnuchin defied the subpoena. The NY guys got them though as it’s state not federal
  10. MI only reports #'s on Tuesday and Friday now but until today we were flat with numbers in the 400's when you average them out by days.. but today's 3 day report had 2250.
  11. That's a legendary clip... one of the best in recent years. There's a few more of that concept out there that are just as good.
  12. Disney's response was to play the sympathy card about the pandemic and how it's affected everyone and people had to sacrifice, etc. But they still charged $30 to see it on Disney+ so they weren't entirely being sympathetic on their end either.... I'm on team Natasha. If the wanted to sacrifice they could have given it to their viewers for free on Disney+ since we're supposed to sacrifice because of covid, right? Wouldn't surprise me if covid caused Disney+ subs to go up as more people were cooped up at home and needed in home entertainment options.
  13. What is the legal definition of a recall being "serious"? Is it spelled out anywhere in statutes? Or just whatever a political advocacy group decides it is?
  14. I read the article and the criticism is downright ridiculous. "Well it's not a serious effort so you shouldn't do that" is the argument? The law is 'decades old' as if that somehow means it's less relevant of a law. "You see... there's recalls but there's not recalls... Hollywood, New York..." Sound argument. Republicans in this state are beyond stupid. They're off the charts of how you'd measure intelligence.
  15. Imagine what Marco would think if someone made a similar reference to "too many Mexicans"
  16. There's still people out there who think you are a sheep if you get vaccinated. Also... why the heck won't they just authorize a third dose? why wait until its too late? The early recipients were our most vulnerable, the elderly and health care workers. We're going to delay until we notice a problem and suddenly everybody in that group is at risk again? Why not just give that group one now? They are going to blow this.
  17. When was the last time he hit 2 HR at a game in Comerica Park?
  18. the vaccine was turned into a political issue by conservative media. If you got it then you were a weak lib lab... not a "strong conservative". He is more free than all of us, don't you understand?
  19. From the article: “I was strongly against getting the vaccine,” Barker said through labored breathing. “Just because we’re a strong conservative family.” The Virus doesn't care about your politics
  20. Seeing lots of anecdotes showing how personable and relatable he was. He paid attention to you. Even if you didn’t share his politics.
  21. Might go see Lakeland next week. Who should I pay attention to?
  22. Did Karen MTG say she was waiting to speak to the supervisor?
  23. Good for Phil. I made the mistake of saying to him once at tigerfest “you went to USC, right?” He just glared and said “Fullerton” and I hurried along.
  24. Hard to believe because of where I am now but I don’t think I ever voted for him.
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