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  1. Beyond the rudeness and offensiveness in it, he's also hurting his client. You can make those claims in an appropriate way that actually might work. "My client is mentally challenged and has competency issues that makes him vulnerable" not "My client is ******* retard"
  2. What exactly are you looking for regarding Whitmer and her trip? It's not going to make me not vote for her. It's small potatoes. Was it an unforced error? Sure. But comparatively speaking it's nothing. She wasn't going to snort cocaine off a pool boy.
  3. I came across when reading about the Yankees “outbreak”
  4. On May 15 2001 you are told that Detroit sports teams would win 3 championships and play in the “finals” but lose in 4 more. How would you have guessed it considering the state of each franchise at the time? what is the single greatest moment in these 20 years? Magglio’s homer? Not best game but moments.
  5. I really liked the lady who owned the place when Bateman showed up. She was cute.
  6. As for MI, 1289 cases today and now it will be interesting to see how things go. Last week was a pretty dramatic drop, averaging 33% a day compared to the same day a week prior. Once we began our descent it was around 25%. That was a metric I started looking at in May.
  7. Anyone who follows the numbers ever notice that Missouri stands out as a state that looked largly unaffected by covid? do they just not test? it's basically a long flat line with a few hiccups that don't last very long or go very high.
  8. I remember doing the drop box thing for them but it was something like north line west of telegraph. WOW was cheap but their quality sucks.
  9. My wife prefers Kroger’s system than Meijer. She finds they put more effort in substitution. She thinks meijer just gives up and says they were out of everything. she likes it not so much for covid reasons and risk but simple convenience. We have westborn market for produce and meats so all of the other stuff can go thru the pickup options. We have another market within a few minutes for last minute things we forget. I’d rather go 3-4 times for smaller amounts of time then to spend a few hours at once.
  10. I went last night for the second time this year and it get more like normal. Had dinner with the wife before at the Royce. Other places nearby were hopping with people. Lots of folks on the peddle pubs, which I find annoying. Beginning with today’s game you don’t need to mask in the seats. Not sure about other areas. there were a lot of people at the old Cheli’s place after the game.
  11. If anyone yells at me or confronts me over wearing a mask I will not be responsible for any dental work they need. But that's kind of symbolic as I guess most of the people who would do that probably don't have teeth to begin with... or if they do they're so worn out from the meth that they are like gummie bears.
  12. very true I referred to Trump as the Kardashian candidate but I think yours is better. I forgot about Jerry. I would wake up every day in college and his show was on.
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