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  1. I agree with him 100% but I am not a fan of that type of confrontation.
  2. Former DPD chief Craig attended Kwame’s wedding today. Total slap in the face to his former officers. Several were demoted and a few threatened over the internal affairs probe into him.
  3. Especially the way he was “looking at them” That sequence confused me.
  4. FDR had polio, I think, as an adult, which is why he was wheelchair bound. Therefore it's a democrat disease.
  5. I'm extremely disappointed that nobody has posted this yet. What are you people? On dope?
  6. One of the earliest viral videos I can remember is a black guy complaining about a "no colors" sign outside of a dive bar in Taylor. I didn't know if he was being funny or not.
  7. Growing up I thought this was Journey.... Later on after discussing with some friends when I then realized Carlos didn't sing.... various friends thought it was Steve Winwood, Peter Gabriel, Steve Perry singing for Carlos. Being around after it came of age but before the internets we had no way of really confirming. We just knew it as the song we'd hear on WLLZ sometimes.
  8. early on in the pandemic my son told me "Sneezing is the new 'N' word"
  9. If my nose was running I wouldn't think to get a covid test. Given the anecdotal evidence we're seeing on breakthroughs from those who need to get tested b/c of their job I wonder how much this delta thing is sweeping through right now and many of us getting it and not knowing? I pretty much spend the first half hour every day hacking away and clearing things out. After a run the other day I had to blow my nose quite a bit from allergies, that happens sometimes.... and perpetual sneezing. I don't know if it's because of something I came in contact with or my body reacting to the run somehow.
  10. it's gonna be like 2007 when Placido Polanco got injured and everyone blamed their losing momentum the rest of the way on that...
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