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  1. You are an idiot. People sound stupid when they include curse words in their normal vocabulary. I walk away when I meet someone like you because I realize you have nothing intelligent to say nor were raised correctly. People like you are bad for the world. That's my advice. *Please note MTS that the thread originator wanted advice to quit swearing. I don't feel this way particularly about any member, but I'd like to hear this and much more if I had the same problem and wanted advice.
  2. Well said. Thanks so much Bert.
  3. They did a fine job. I miss Kruk and Kuip and Mario and Rod however.
  4. The Tigers exceeded my expectations this year. I may be the only one. Congrats to a great franchise like SF.
  5. Newton has indeed had a rough year. I'm especially surprised with his inability to get the ball to his three-headed rushing group when his WR targets are covered. They are often open and with a lot of space to move afterwards. He almost always throws it away or into trouble.
  6. Getting to the World Series is far from being a debacle.
  7. My Reds have been robbed 3 points vs. the little club down the street. Clear goal from Suarez ruled incorrectly to be offside. Gutted.
  8. Agreed. Nice trade for OKC. Just bought League Pass for the year too. Excited. We will be the first to see Harden and the Rockets on Tuesday.
  9. How is anyone still going on Leno anyway? The biggest slimeball in American entertainment history. Sorry, not Leno, but JDML.
  10. BHO? Come on. Big surprise that he is supporting the Tigers too. It's politics.
  11. Ha! Ripping on Valverde once the game was already finished. Curious direction of anger.
  12. Yay! Happy moments abound when nuclear war almost takes place making millions fear for their lives!
  13. Remember when everyone, excluding me, thought we were playing St. Louis. Many of you, and you know who you are, are not as smart as you think you are.
  14. It's simple. Nobody who hits .204 wins anything. It's embarrassing. He is just a well paid Mike Hessman. Rodney deserve the accolade, but is nowhere the magnitude of the amazing Buster Posey.
  15. MSU was the better team. Hell, MSU was the much better team last year and still got f'ed over in the end. I havent cared much about college football since.
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