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  1. Per twitter..... detroit_tigers ‏@TigersMLive Detroit Tigers' Bruce Rondon might miss winter caravan, TigerFest due to chikungunya virus
  2. Dakich and Lonergan (sp) in the backcourt together in the first half. Insane that they are able to stay in this game. Win or lose, he's had a perfect game plan.
  3. I've never been, but out of curiosity, how could they do it better? I know the Nats charge for graphs and I've been to the Rays Fest, they now charge as well for the best 15-20 guys. What would be a good way with the current attendance, aside from charging per player?
  4. That's been pretty much the consensus from those I've heard that went, just luck of the draw. Doubling your chances with help doesn't hurt either. Getting VMart and Davis isn't too bad though.....Davis was pretty difficult last year during ST. I want to go once for the experience. Enjoy ST, one day down there will brighten your spirits after waiting in those lines. Lol
  5. Dave, did you do early entry? Seems like that is the key. I'm thinking I may go next year just for the experience, but with very low expectations. I can't wait wait to see the comparison between your hall yesterday and your hall from one day of free ST graphing.
  6. He's interviewing for the Bills HC position this week and reportedly interviewed for the Bucs HC position last week.
  7. They announced 2300....I'd say maybe 1500 max. Looked like a lot of empty seats down low where season ticket holders would be. Was the same time as the Lions vs Packers game too which probably didn't help.
  8. I went to the game on Dec 28th against LA. It was a good time, pretty entertaining and reasonably priced. I went hoping to see Manny Harris, but he had signed with a team in Turkey like that day. Willie Reed really stood out, he was a beast, all over the place.
  9. Based on this email, I'd say your prediction is pretty accurate..... "Victor Martinez, Justin Verlander and JD Martinez to headline TigerFest; Tickets go on sale TODAY at 10 a.m. TigerFest, presented by Oakland University, returns to Comerica Park on Saturday, January 24, 2015. Meet your favorite Tigers players during the ultimate fan festival. Over 30 Tigers players, including new additions Anthony Gose and Shane Greene, are scheduled to attend TigerFest. • Get player autographs at six areas throughout Comerica Park, including a special "Kids Only" area • Tour the Tigers clubhouse, front office and the Ernie Harwell Media Center • Participate in a fan Q&A session with Tigers players & coaches And much more! Tickets go on sale TODAY, December 12 at 10 a.m. Tickets are $28 for adults and $14 for kids 12-and-under." All fans attending will receive a free TigerFest beanie style hat, courtesy of 97.1 FM The Ticket. Buy Tickets
  10. I met him at fantasy camp a couple years back and he was the same way. One of the nicest I've met. Probably 20 - 30 fans were watching fantasy camp and when they broke for lunch he walked over to us, signed and posed for pictures with everyone. Taking about 20 minutes from his lunch break. Super nice guy.
  11. Technically.....didn't every player on the tigers wear #42 on JR day this year? Lima wouldn't have been the last then.
  12. I don't see a problem with it. They (and every other team) have already been selling player autographs for years, without proceeds going to charity. This just gives people an option to actually meet the player without the madness of a game or Fanfest. Definitely interested to see if they continue these or if this is a random one off for some reason.
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