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  1. It was probably the 14 hours of Monikers
  2. You were pretty wild at the Rule 5 party!
  3. Probably pick up a 1b in all the upcoming cuts.
  4. You don't trade up, in the real world, with someone who wants the same player as you. You trade up to keep someone from leapfrogging you and taking the player you want.
  5. This doesn't make the least bit of sense.
  6. I don't know, just stretched him out to 75 pitches.
  7. The only issue with the 60 day, is that the time starts the beginning of the regular season, so there is no hurry in those designations.
  8. I believe they can put Faedo, Wentz and perhaps Rony Garcia on the 60 day dl.
  9. You seem a bit hung up on what they call a position. Call him an offensive weapon who creates matchups and helps your team score.
  10. Torn Achilles last year, those are tough.
  11. He looks pretty damn good. If he were a stock, I'd be buying.
  12. Even so, Mark, he was as close to a consensus pick as you generally get.
  13. He had good enough stuff that there likely wasn't one team who wouldn't have taken him 1-1.
  14. Mize has plenty of stuff. He is not locating right now which is out of character. No one can continually pitch from behind, allow hitters to sit on certain pitches and come into the fat part of the zone and look good, not even Sixto, not in the bigs.
  15. And a big reason pitchers like Verlander and Sherzer can beat guys upstairs is that hitters fear their offspeed. It all works together and that is what Casey is learning (hopefully).
  16. And whatever fastball you have, you need to locate. Few guys can just pump fastballs by people.
  17. With all due respect, I don't believe you can stay strategically in two quadrants all the time, and I don't believe you can always attack a hitters strengths, even if they are also your strengths. Hinch is talking fastballs up as a strategic mix, not as a general rule.
  18. No, I was making light. I do hope they keep him though, but I wouldn't expect him to play much.
  19. He was low 90's last summer, so something else is going on, but you can't put too much into one spring outing.
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