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  1. Small sample size is the correct thing you said. He's coming from A ball. He's seen major league lefties only sporadically this year. He needs to experience them to learn how to hit them. That is what is happening now. He's shown the ability to to make adjustments, let's see if that extends to lefties.
  2. Schoop and Cisnero are the two obvious ones. Schoop will require a trading partner with specific needs. Anyone could use Cisnero, but not sure how much he's valued. Hope Avila doesn't stick with the "near ready to help" manta, and is willing to look at higher risk, higher ceiling, lower classification talent, as that will open up the market.
  3. This is obviously only my opinion, but anyone who gets off by hurting or inflicting pain on another person or other living creature has something seriously wrong with them and I wouldn't be surprised if it, at times, transcended consensual relationships.
  4. Would help if Boyd and Turnbull can come back healthy.
  5. Players are making adjustments all the time, if they get results, then they are "positive" .
  6. They didn't bring him up because he was ready, they brought him up because they don't have anyone better.
  7. Manning is not ready, Hill is not ready, no one who k's in a third of his minor league at bats is ready for major league pitching. Cameron is closest, but he could use a full, healthy year of AAA and see where he is.
  8. He's not dominating, and there's more to the game than hitting.
  9. Why do fans wants prospects pushed so fast to the majors? Baseball is a complex game. Let them develop in the minors, so that when they reach the bigs, they are fully prepared and more likely to be successful. Tork and Greene and Dingler are still being plenty challenged in AA, and I'm not just talking about hitting.
  10. I can't picture Weaver standing pat.
  11. Players develop at all different rates. Sometimes it takes a while for things to click. The players that last are able to continually make adjustments.
  12. Wolf missed time with tommy john, de la rosa was a very raw, toolsy prospect who was always going to be a slow burn, covid didn't help.
  13. It's probably just from missing most of last year and coming off an injury.
  14. Throw out his first three games and he's only struck out 15 times in 67 at bats, a much better rate than Dingler.
  15. That doesn't answer the question, how he concludes Greene may have less range because he dives.
  16. How did you come to that conclusion? No matter how much range you have, at some point you have to dive to reach a ball.
  17. Niko's play at short lately has been the anomoly. He has previously been solid there. His problem is his bat, not his glove. I'm sure if he got regular reps at short, he would be an above average glove.
  18. It's just a year to build his arm strength back up.
  19. Wolf is just off TJ, needs to go slow for a while.
  20. I think so, he's been pretty solid at short previously. I think part of the problem is he didnt work there much all spring. Contrary to popular belief, you don't stay major league sharp at any position without a lot of reps.
  21. There has been a lot of change in all three of those over the last several years. The last sentence of 3 is not correct.
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