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  1. Which makes you stronger and quicker. The artificial testosterone does allow for improved muscle tissue. It doesn't affect skill or agility, but definitely enhances strength and explosion.
  2. Sure, but it wasn't all injury prevention. Players generally lose bat speed around age 30. Bonds had improved bat speed at age 39 from age 31. That doesn't happen naturally.
  3. I believe the biggest advantage was the artificial enhancement of bat speed.
  4. Torkelson is going to have a high BaBIP because he hits the ball hard to all fields and he tends to hit it in the air. Greene's will likely be a tad higher because he has the same attributes, but is left handed and a bit faster.
  5. Yes, BaBIP is a stat of large numbers, and it will be higher for a hitter who hits the ball harder, is fast or less so hits the ball more in the air than on the ground. The point was, you can't parse out a small sample; for example "Tork is hitting lazy fly balls and Greene more line drives, therefore that justifies his lower BaBIP". It doesn't work that way. A standard fly ball is actually rather well struck in the pantheon of BaBIP data and it all comes out in the wash.
  6. BaBIP just doesn't work that way. You can't parse out certain types of outs from a small sample and make any kind of comparison, because over time everyone's chart will be a bell shaped curve. What you can definitely state is that Torkelson has been hitting with poor luck and it has negatively affected his traditional stats, especially compared to Greene.
  7. I think you are making a lot of erroneous assumptions.
  8. If you think they didn't use analytics in a similar manner when Gardenhire was here, you'd be mistaken. It wasn't his background or his forte, but he was on board with it.
  9. It didn't, they have been steadily working on it. Hinch is just a good fit.
  10. I wouldn't say he sucks, but certainly not top tier. Mediocre would be the word.
  11. I don't think you can read anything, negative or positive, into small sample sizes.
  12. i would expect anyone who takes a leap forward in talent level, from short season to AA, to lag behind in this area. The fact that he has held his own in AA is promising, and the fact that he has made only minor improvement as the year progressed is not. However, I think the jury is still out until he is allowed more reps at higher levels.
  13. All of the position players are playing.
  14. Detroit fans are twitchy, from the losing. Give them some wins and they'll come around, except for the ********, who will always be ********.
  15. That might be smart. I just hope they stay relatively young. Avoid players on the downside unless short term, rebound types.
  16. His High A year was 2019! 2020 was covid, and with this year there's very little data to go on. He hasn't been allowed a normal progression.
  17. He hasn't put in nearly as much time at first. Given enough reps, I'm sure he'd be fine.
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