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  1. I wouldn't try to "speed up" a rebuild through the draft. Go for the high ceiling.
  2. There was no actual analysis in the article, just observes that so far the results haven't been very good. Well, no ****.
  3. I know you are practicing the jig, waiting for an opportunity.
  4. To be fair, the knee injuries took a lot of his juice.
  5. The only pick i didn't really like was Jermar Jefferson, because of course I like running backs that can explode through the hole, or take it to the house, or a punishing back who can get tough yards, and Jefferson is none of those things. Then I remember the litany of backs who make the wrong cut, hit the hole too soon or too late, hit the wrong hole, etc., and Jefferson is truly gifted at reading and taking what the blocking gives him, it's uncanny. Some things just don't show up on pro day.
  6. And Cox couldn't fill the role the lions have for Barnes, they have two different profiles.
  7. Cox dropped because he's a tweener, he can cover, but not as well as most safeties, and he can't fill and support the run like you expect from most backers, so, where does he fit? What's his role in an NFL defense?
  8. The last time he did anyone a favor was 1973, and that was his mother, and he still regrets it.
  9. A late 7th would suffice.
  10. Penisini, a sixth round pick, and Atkins, a journeyman are the only 0/1 tech players on the roster. McNeill was a valid need in their defense.
  11. For God's sake, go to your room, and reflect on what you are doing.
  12. The reality is that you are looking at nascent talent at one point in time. Some will continue to develop, some will stagnate and many will suffer an injury. No one can see the future, all a professional can do is play the odds and they all likely do that relatively well.
  13. The world according to T&P
  14. Sure, just mocking T&P's angst about taking a rare, elite prospect.
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