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  1. I don't think he's seen as a top end player/prospect by most evaluators but I think he's going to be a more solid player than most of them predict. I think most people see Veleno's ceiling as a 3C which is fair. People have seen him against men in Sweden and a little in the NHL. Meanwhile someone like Niederbach could be anything... he could even be a Veleno!
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTuXv34gsio/?utm_medium=copy_link Larkin took Mo and Lucas to the Big House
  3. The SHL regular season started this morning! Edvinsson looks good playing these minutes at his age in the SHL (from the little I've seen admittedly). Time for me to overhype myself on these prospects so I get disappointed by reality.
  4. I spoke too soon, someone on reddit says they are second behind LA who has 10: https://old.reddit.com/r/DetroitRedWings/comments/plbglp/7_detroit_prospects_included_in_elite_prospects/hc9bfne/ There are also writeups on the prospects in that comment.
  5. I don't subscribe to EP, I shamelessly stole this list from someone on the HFBoards. I imagine it is pretty strong. I'm a bit shocked Neiderback is top 60, Johansson top 50, and Raymond top 10. I think Seider could be higher
  6. Elite Prospects released their top 100 prospects, the Wings: 94. Joe Veleno 59. Theodore Neiderbach 53. Jonatan Berggren 49. Albert Johansson 27. Simon Edvinsson 8. Lucas Raymond 6. Moritz Seider
  7. https://themalikreport.com/2021/09/04/mckeens-discusses-the-atlantic-divisions-2021-draft-classes-detroit-included/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Some good notes on the draft via Malik
  8. Slow your roll Hakan...great to hear but sheesh https://twitter.com/IcehockeyG/status/1433495735597740032?s=20 Head of eliteprospects commented in Swedish to this video, translated: "Good analysis by Loob. Difficult to compare with Lidström who wasn't super dominant at 18. But I am looking at Edvinsson at the pro level and don't think he is very far behind Victor Hedman at the same age."
  9. Feels about right, though I hope Seider/Leddy/Anyone can take some of the tough minutes away from him. Hronek seems to get a bit overwhelmed.
  10. Seems like you're right. He played a lot of PK and "tough" minutes for the Ducks it sounds like. Fall back guy if a younger player doesn't seize a position I guess. Another signing:
  11. I dunno if I have heard of this guy
  12. He had a really good season in the SHL last year and probably will be in Grand Rapids to start this season. Here's an article that talks a bit about him: https://octopusthrower.com/2021/08/15/red-wings-pipeline-jonatan-berggren/ "Although he cooled off towards the end of the year, Berggren’s impressive 45 points (12 goals and 33 assists) in 49 games tied for first in the entire league for players under 25 (Tied with Simon Ryfors)." Seems like he may have a role as a playmaker on the power play in the future.
  13. I'm guessing they'll match just to keep a young asset in the organization but I'm not sure what their org is looking like overall. I know they would be over the cap but I'm not sure how easily that would be taken care of. I think it is a lot to give up for the Canes. I don't think Kotkaniemi is worth that cap hit right now and then they'll have to rfa tender him at that price after this season, in addition to the picks given up. Seems like a lot for the owner to say FU for the Aho contract offer. But he'll also play with some good centers while on the wing in Carolina so could be a good gamble.
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