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  1. It literally hops/rolls right over his blade as soon as it hits it lmao I'll leave you all to your discussion this has been a long time coming
  2. Lol Zadina has been one of our best forwards when on the ice y'all are hilarious. Also please go watch Quinn Hughes play defense sometime. He gets even more sheltered minutes than Chychrun which is saying a lot. The puck jumps over Zadina's stick on a 3 on 1 and he's the problem (after stealing the puck in the d zone, entering the offensive zone, and setting up a pass and calling back for the give and go which is apparently timid?).... never mind Dylan Larkin joining Hronek in the offensive zone corner to cover one player giving up the odd man rush for the goal the other way....
  3. He seems pretty done, seems like he still isn't moving well from his injury and it just completely kills whatever game he has left.
  4. Wheeler is doing his prospect pool rankings over at the Athlentic, Wings came in 4th overall (up from 9th last season): https://theathletic.com/2369931/2021/02/07/nhl-prospect-rankings-red-wings-2021/ He also provides a lot of videos/gifs with analysis of breakdowns for prospects which are great. He wrote much more as well but there's a general gist for where he sees the players. I still think Seider is 1 in our prospect pool just based on how well he's done in the SHL. I also think Johansson has more potential than what Wheeler sees but we will see!
  5. I'm not gonna lie I thought it was odd to bench him now because I thought he gave a bit more effort the last few games. He still wasn't moving his feet overall though so I get it in a way, I just thought he played so much worse before so I was surprised this was the time Blashill chose. Hopefully it works. I also hope this is also a product of no pre-season/real training camp and not a newfound laziness for Mantha. Even with his nice new contract he'll be hurting his ability to earn well on his next deal if he farts around for half his deal here.
  6. He appears to be pretty deep into Trump (maybe Q?) which I would want to avoid as is (I personally don't want a covid denier, the election was stolen brain dead person representing the Wings), but he has a long history of being a bad teammate and a racist. The Rangers don't want him back because he got in a fight with their goalie and allegedly got punched in the face by Kreider in the ensuing scuffle. From wikipedia for a timeline: During the 2013–14 season, DeAngelo was suspended eight games by his OHL team, the Sarnia Sting,[4] and league for making "a most inappropriate statement to a teammate".[5][6] Additionally, the article which confirmed the suspension mentioned this was the second time DeAngelo had been suspended by the OHL for violating the harassment, abuse and diversity policy, though it did not detail the first incident. In November of the same year, DeAngelo was suspended one game for abuse of officials.[7][better source needed] Despite these transgressions, DeAngelo was considered to be a top prospect heading into the 2014 NHL Entry Draft.[8] Despite his play on the ice, DeAngelo was difficult to handle off it, according to an OHL staffer of the time. Both the Sting and the Greyhounds went through a "daily struggle" trying to manage him, describing the experience as something akin to a "gong show," especially when the Sting and Greyhounds weren't playing well. Reportedly, his behavioral issues dated back to his days playing youth hockey in New Jersey On January 1, 2017, the National Hockey League announced that DeAngelo was suspended for three games, without pay, for violating Rule 40.4 (Physical Abuse of Officials). The incident occurred on December 31, 2016, in a game against the Calgary Flames at the Scotiabank Saddledome. On opening night of the 2020–21 season, DeAngelo overreacted to being called for hooking, resulting in him taking an additional unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Head coach David Quinn benched him for two games, believing the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was unneccessary.[16][26] On January 31, 2021, the Rangers waived DeAngelo following reports that he had an altercation with Rangers teammate Alexandar Georgiev following a 5–4 overtime loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. So what he got suspended for in the OHL were racial slurs. His father went on to defend his son saying he uses the same slurs every day. He's a piece of trash and doesn't deserve to be in the NHL.
  7. Unless the plan is to acquire a decent pick with him and then sit him until you can buy him out.... no thanks. Yzerman drafted the kid and cut him loose in Tampa I'm not sure he would want to take this ride again but I am constantly surprised with sports.
  8. I know he needs to play a certain amount of games to qualify for the expansion draft but no clue on specifics...
  9. Less than 5 minutes into the game and the Wings are down 3-0
  10. Rasmussen to the Griffins and Brome to the taxi squad, all the covid guys seem to be back? I wouldn't have chosen Rasmussen and Brome to leave the lineup over Nielsen and potentially Filppula personally but what can ya do. Hopefully Ras plays a crap ton of minutes as the Griffins 1C
  11. Thanks for posting I'll have to check it out
  12. This is some of the worst hockey I've seen in a while haha. Their power play is pathetic. edit: of course they score right after I post this! Hirose with a decent play and after a fortunate bounce Mantha buried a goal from the slot. Hirose at least seems to have improved his skating slightly.
  13. The game made me too sad to come post this last night but Seider had to go to the hospital after crashing badly into the boards. Sounds like it is a shoulder injury (at least not his head?) and he was rolling around on the ice screaming for a bit. I didn't see him actually hit the boards in any angle I've seen. Update from today: Defenseman Moritz Seider was injured in the final stages of Thursday night's game away against Brynäs and stepped off the ice. He was examined at the hospital during the night and the report afterwards says that the results is better than first assumed. Moritz got a real blow and of course is in pain. Further examinations were performed at the hospital, including an X-ray, which shows that it was better than we first feared. He has a soft tissue injury and will go home for further examinations. Moritz will not play for a while but exactly how long we do not know today, says Rögle's physiotherapist Sven Thomsson.
  14. The Wings just one of the weirdest zone entry plays I've ever seen... on the power play Hronek skated through the neutral zone while the rest of the four skaters stayed back. The players ended up skating basically in a horizontal line of four out of the Wings' zone and Hronek had to do some weird back pass.... just what the ****?
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