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  1. Haven't posted in quite some time, but just read this article on Deadspin, and after seeing the highlights from the game tonight, I felt like this would be a good share. http://deadspin.com/jose-fernandez-was-why-we-watch-sports-1787072922
  2. Of course the Patriots are the ones who take him....probably won't end up being a solid DT at all....
  3. Mrazek let up two goals....the first a shorty to Boyle, where he was indecisive coming out of the net, but was left high and dry either way. The second, he was screened by what? Three guys? Didn't even see the shot coming. He stopped 44 of 46 shots, and as garbage as some of those shots were, he still had quite a few saves that we have all seen Howard let in multiple times this year. Bishop was terrible tonight, definitely not something to get used to, but Mrazek was easily the reason we won this game tonight.
  4. Outplayed or not, there is no doubt in my mind that if Howard starts that game over Mrazek, we lose.....handily.
  5. Game winner in his first game with the Wings!!! That four man group of Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Kronwall & Zidlicky looked really good together in OT.
  6. Advantage definitely goes to the Patriots in this one, but I absolutely can't stand New England. The Michigan connection with Brady means absolutely nothing to me. Can't stand him, and can't stand Belichick. I'll be routing for the "underdogs" in this one, and I hope Luck & the Colts put a whooping on the Patriots. The Colts are a completely one dimensional team on offense, they can't run the ball at all. I thought that if any team was going to sign Ray Rice after he was reinstated they might be the one, strictly for the playoff run. At the same time, it's completely understandable why they or any other team is steering clear.... Either way, I don't expect the Colts to win, but then again, I didn't think they had a chance playing Denver at home last week either, so who knows.
  7. Seattle all the way from here on out. Glad the Packers beat the Cowboys, but that was one of the few times I have actually cheered for the Packers, and that was for obvious reasons....
  8. Just in case you haven't seen his speech from the ESPY's. It was hard to watch live, even harder to watch now.... Yl_0ieqSi7Q
  9. I can't honestly see Sacramento trading Stauskas, a Top 10 pick this past year, for Jerebko. I'd take that trade all day long if they did, but I don't see it happening. And if they really are serious about shopping him, I'm sure they'd get a better offer for him than Jonas Jerebko.....
  10. Seriously? Ummmm maybe because throwing a beer at somebody doesn't validate running into the stands & starting a brawl, especially considering other people, both players & fans became involved in a situation that had nothing to do with them. Someone throws a beer at you, you have no idea who did it, so you just run up on someone in the general vicinity of where you think that drink came from and start throwing punches.....but it wasn't your fault you overreacted and decided to B-Line it to the stands and commit battery on a random dude, rather than take it like a champ & watch that ******* get kicked out. So yeah, after everything that happened, I'll sue the Pistons, becuase it was all their fault you made the wrong decision....yeah, don't think it works like that. Someone acts like an idiot at the game, that's why they have event staff & security, to take care of any of those issues.
  11. Simple reply, put you, or someone you know in his shoes. I think your views would change drastically if that were the case.
  12. Terrible comparison.... Not only were almost all those trouble players already on the team when Cheeks got hired, but how many of the current Pistons players can you try and relate or compare to the "Jail Blazers" players? Last time I checked, I don't remember seeing or hearing any Pistons in the news for getting in trouble off the court. But sure.....if the Pistons hire Cheeks, that'll instantly all change, and we'll have the Jail Blazers part 2.....seems to make sense.
  13. Hollins doesn't want to leave Memphis, but if he did, the Pistons aren't going to be at the top of his list over the teams who have the talent to potentially contend right away. Why would Karl excite you? Because he won Coach of the Year, for the first time in his almost 30 year coaching career, just to get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs? Check his track record the past 15 years....his teams have gotten out of the first round only 3 times. Career, he's reached the Finals once....and lost....nothing to get too excited about. Cheeks hasn't coached for as long as Karl, but his outcome has pretty much been the same as Karl for the most part. Either miss the playoffs, or make it & lose in the first round. Only thing Karl beats him in, besides coaching for longer, is having better teams & still not getting the job done.
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