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  1. We already saw Kim sort of like this with the Bar stuff didn't we? Just not to this extreme and actually taking a big part in it.
  2. This is like the old local Fox commercials I saw in the 90's. "They could win!"
  3. Whatever was said about Stafford's injury? Also interesting that the new coaches this season went 0-fer.
  4. Right now they are calling for 20-30"+ at the main portion, up here they are calling for 3-4" from the storm.
  5. Today's 5am update has it at 140MPH still (got there yesterday after moving from a Cat 1 to Cat 4 Hurricane), and the track has slowly moved north of Wilmington, and it still looks to be hitting about 2am Friday. It is now down to 944MB with all the strengthening. They are now doing intermediate updates every 3 hours, with their Complete ones at 5/11 AM/PM.
  6. Glad to be a part of this, and had a great time thinking up and creating the GDT during the time I was doing them. The community here has been great over the (holy crap i've been here for 16 years) entire time i've been here. A lot of people have come and gone, but there is a lot of the core that are still here. Hopefully this site remains strong for the next 16+ years.
  7. The Frambler Rambler. Sounds like it would sell the way of the Nova in Mexico.
  8. Stafford gets injured... 'I have made a terrible mistake'
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