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  1. Sign Wood Sign VanVleet Draft Williams at 7 Still have a little cap space in 20-21 and pick up another net 20M in 21-22 w Rose, Maker and Snell dropping off plus adding a little extension for Svi etc and then 22-23 you lose Blake FVV/Kennard/Sekou/Blake/Wood with Rose/Svi/Williams/Bowen bench This is a balance strategy, not a dump and restart and there are different ways to go, but VanVleet and Wood could be a part of a turnaround plan. They even can be part of a dump and rebuild plan IF they are able to move Blake. Essentially would you rather have near $40M in unproductive cap space used on a guy who won't be here, or use it on two young pieces that can play with the younger pieces you are going to start picking up? There have been scattered rumors of a Blake+7+? for 2+ Wiggins... that would play into this kind of scenario for sure, if real. The key point is What will Troy do with what Gores wants to have happen? Gores seemingly has resisted a full restart for a long time and may still, thus we may see a hybrid plan like above. Not saying it's what you or I want, but what can be seen as likely given the actual reality and history of Gores. Hey at least we don't have SVG anymore. Good luck Pels...**** maybe we can try and fleece them...
  2. Any chance ATL gives DeAndre Hunter....hmmmm....
  3. The answer is C--- Claw your eyes out with a spork from a KFC $5 fill-up rather than watch either execrable cretin play point guard, and use the $17.999m left for therapy, whiskey and paying Sugar McLaughlin on a 2 way contract to play point in GR and the D.
  4. this team is going to be awful for a very long time. They keep recycling old retreads while even terrible front office is like Charlotte at least try to take on new young guys by the grouping and get a hit on one of them.
  5. Expiring contract on a barely adequate when healthy PG Bench 3pt shooter 2020 1st that if traded will be pick 17 to 24 2022 1st that will probably be a lottery pick Raw 19 yr old that will take a couple years to be of impact most likely. You think Gores wouldn't do that? I think he'd fly to OKC to pick Russ up and drop Reggie off (possibly from 10,000 ft). Im not saying its good or bad, but You Know he would do that, right?
  6. There will be plenty of "losers" in free agency that cleared 2 max cap slots and weren't able to fill them. Expect them to be the suitors for Blake Griffin. Also, Toronto could lose Kawhi. Also, someone may be dumb enough to trade for Chris Paul and Houston is a PF wasteland. 3 team deal where we get the young assets, Houston gets Blake and Team X gets Paul. Remember Boston has assets and is being ghosted by Kyrie.... SO MANY POSSIBILITIES IF THEY GET IT....THAT THIS OFFSEASON IS THE ONE TO MAKE A MOVE W BLAKE. Next FA class, when we gan Reggie, Langston G and Josh Smith's money back ( $28M approx) is poop on a stick.
  7. So the Leur deal finishes up as Leur and his 9.xm 2019 contract for Snell and his 11m 2019 and 12.4m 2020 contract SG/SF Deividas Syrvidas, PG Jordan Bone and Portland's 2024 2nd rd pick Shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic, really.
  8. Well, most of those look terrible. Hopefully it will be 2 or more of Cleveland's picks, as they look like trash for 2 or 3 more years
  9. Bol bol bol bol bol bol! Him vs Maker in practice would sell tickets...
  10. Bazley Bol Bruno In that order...
  11. So the Suns just traded TJ Warren and a valuable early 2nd round to draft...TJ Warren v2.0. I get he is not on their timeline w 3 yrs left...but man. Cmon...
  12. So you essentially pay $13M in net cap space over 2 years for a guy who will play over a guy that won't. That guy may help you a bit,, but as long as he is not blocking anyone's development, then that's fine. He's an 8th player kind of guy. Plus you get a pick where you have a 60ish% chance to get a solid 7th guy you can develop, cheap. If they have to, they can move Snell after this year if they are going max cap space (assuming Drummond opts out) and tries to sell 2 max free agents the dream that Griffin can stay healthy for a season or two. That's a pretty big dream though. TBH this whole thing smells like a full tear down after Drummond pushes the opt-out button. They could move Blake w 2 years on his deal and then we get 5 more years of mediocre to suck-*** ball, being sold that 2027 IS OUR TIME!!!. IMO this is the most likely path. Maybe it will get our ****ty owner to reconsider his life choices and dump the team.
  13. So, Stankry J and Kennard instead of Winslow and Donovan Mitchell. Ugh.
  14. Incorrect. Gores could take the contract, but chose to save some tax money, even after creating a little room by dumping off Johnson... We all know the issues w Fultz. But when you are a team that can't draw, can't attract FA and can't draft worth a sh*t, you need creative ways to add talent, even if it is risky and costs a couple million bucks. Risk/reward is very favorable...but nope. Gonna stick with trying to hatch Henry Ellenson and keep on waiting for Basura and Leuer to drop off so they have cap room to overpay guys like Batum and Thad Young or somesuch dullardry soon to come ..
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